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  • PrincessNybor - Nice lightweight scar cream, small bottle

    I've been using this scar cream for about two weeks so far, on a couple of noticeable scar from surgery I had a few years ago. I also apply it to some of the more prominent stretch marks on my tummy, courtesy of two very large babies. So far, I have been impressed with the product, though it's too early to tell how lasting the results will be. Both the scars and stretch marks have faded in color, though I haven't noticed a difference in texture, particularly with the raised surgical scars.

  • Betty Boop - So-So...

    This product smells sort of like a summer rain or tropical fruit trees. I can't really put my finger on that scent. It smells pretty good though.

  • deerock - What a waste of money for a new QB logo and little else

    I just paid $190 for a new Quickbooks Logo. How do I feel about this? lousy. My accountant insisted that I update from 2015...which worked fine. and then I found that when I updated, it is just a new logo that is the difference....OH, and I get a FREE YEAR of their online service! whippee! really? I didn't want a free year or a free day of your online service. I don't want it at all. Is this what I actually paid for? What is happening at Intuit? Are you all on vacation? Did you all go do your jobs at home and are spending your time playing with your kids? I am TRULY DISAPPOINTED. What a waste of money, don't spend your hard earned $ on this update.

  • T. Marksbury - Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security.

    This was much easier that I expected. We opted to use the screws for installation in addition to the 3m command strips provided. The step by step instructions provided in the installation instructions (printed and online) couldn't have been clearer.

  • deFox - 2015 Element is great. 2.4G Air Mouse Remote Control is DOA UPDATED

    I would have normally given this five stars if it were not for the problems with the remote. This is the second 2015 Element Ti4Quad Core Android TV Box I have purchased this year. These units work great for my needs. The original one that I purchased four months ago had a simple remote control. I just attached a wireless mouse to the box and I was good to go. I was able to watch TV, movies, do business presentations, and just about anything I needed to do. So, I purchased the one I am rating this time. However, it came with a ST3gear 2.4G Air Mouse Remote Control. I thought, "What a great upgrade. It even has a keyboard on the flip side." However, I could never get it to work. It must have had an electrical short in it because within just a few moments of attempted use, it destroyed the new batteries. One of the batteries was down to 50% and the other was down to 80% strength. Thinking it might have been bad batteries (however, I had just opened a new package) I installed two new batteries. The same think happened.

  • Ash Ketchum - The Arrogance of Some Game Creators...

    I see my little brother playing this all the time, I started playing on his and play maybe 2 hours a day. It has been two months, and I was bored after one month( I just wanted to see if it was really that lame of a game so i looked for anything else possible to do). Not only is it a waste of $60, but they also have a real money option. That is just pure arrogance. You can get 100s of more hours out of Skyrim or even CALL OF FREAKING DUTY.