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  • Koi glossary - the Japanese terms and what they mean - Talk like a Koi expert by using the correct terms and understanding what they mean
  • Koi Pond Essentials - To build a Koi pond several essential elements are needed. Learn how to properly plan and build a Koi pond
  • TROPICAL FISH - A comprehensive photographic guide to tropical fish, how to keep and breed them, how to select compatible tank mates, fish for beginners
  • FISH-ETC. |Angelfish - Angelfish, Pterophyllum Altum, Leopoldi and Scalare, Angelfish compatability & tank mates, ideal water conditions for Angelfish, Angelfish are Cichlids so have the Cichlid nature
  • Betta Splendens Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta Splendens Siamese Fighting Fish keeping, Siamese Fighting Fish tank mates compatability & breeding
  • Cichlids - African Cichlids, Labidochromis, Labeotropheus Labiotropheus fulleborni, Cynotilapia, Cyrtocara moorii, Copadichromis, Aulonocara, Haplochromis, Copadichromis, Cyphotilapia, Frontosa, Metriaclima, Pseudotropheus, Melanochromis, Tropheops, Jewel Cichlid, Protomelus
  • Cichlids | Our Broodstock - African Cichlids, Aulonocara baenschi dragonblood Iwanda Hai maleri ngara OB, Copadichromis quads Mbenji Island trewavasse Chizumulu verduijni , Cynotilapia afra Lion,Cytocara moori, Labidochromis caeruleus Nkatha Bay chizumulae fulleborni Katale, Labeotropheus, Melanochromis dialeptus auratus albino cyanohabdos Maingano Island lepidophage Eccles Reef simulans , Mchenga thinos Chindunga, Metriaclima estherae auratus OB red top, Frontosa, Pseudotropheus, Tropheops, Jewel Cichlid, Protomelus
  • Shell Dwelling Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika - Lamprologus brevis, Lamprologus ocellatus, L. speciosus, Neolamprologus caudopunctatus, Neolamprologhus brichardi multifasciatus, courtship and spawning, Lake Tanganyika, shellies
  • The requirements for Keeping Cichlids - How to set up the ideal tank for Cichlids, water parameters for cichlids, cichlid habitat, aquascaping a cichlid tank, setting up a cichlid tank, substrate for cichlids
  • Malawi Bloat | dreaded Cichlid disease - Malawi Bloat is a serious and usually fatal disease that can affect ALL cichlids, but it can be prevented by controlling water parameters and diet, We tell you how,
  • Corydoras - Corydoras are peaceful, small, hardy, active and very entertaining fish. Find out what you need to successfully keep them.
  • Danios - Danios are a hardy tropical fish species that are a great choice for beginners and community tanks. Find out what they look like and what you need to keep them.
  • Discus fish - Known as the "King of the Aquarium" Discus fish rival marine fish when it comes to beauty, shape and colour. Find out what you need to keep them successfully.
  • Goldfish - Goldfish are perfect to keep in a cold water aquarium and make very charming pets who quickly get to know their owner
  • Gouramis - Gouramis make one of the easiest and most beautiful additions to a tropical tank. With several different species and colours to choose from, find out what it takes to keep and breed them.
  • Killifish - Killifish is known as the fish species that can be sent by post! Of course, it is the eggs that are sent, not the fish. Find out more about this amazing species and its incredible genetic adapations and see the beautiful images of the many Killifish variations!
  • Live bearing fish - Get to know the fascinating world of the different species of live-bearing tropical fish
  • Guppies - Guppies are one of the most beloved tropical fish with aquarists, mainly for their intricate colours and patterns and for how easy they are to breed.Guppies are also an excellent beginner's fish and very well suited to young aquarists.
  • Mollies - Livebearing Mollies are easy to keep and to breed if you follow a few simple rules, but they do not really belong in a community tank. Find out why not.
  • Platy fish - Platys are excellent beginner's fish and they thrive in community tanks, where they tend to breed effortlessly
  • Swordtail fish - Swordtails are active swimmers and need larger aquarium tanks. Find out how to keep them successfully
  • Pencilfish - Pencilfish are peaceful aquarium inhabitants and do well with a large selection of other fish
  • Plecos - Often bought as algae eaters, Plecos may in fact not fullfil this role. Aquarists should rather keep Plecos for their stunning variety
  • Rainbowfish - Rainbowfish are excellent display fish, provided they are kept in groups, as schooling enhances their colours and their characteristics. Find out why.
  • Rasboras - Rasboras, (Rasbora heteromorpha) are easy to keep, well suited to community aquarium tanks and look spectacular when kept in small schools
  • Tetras - Tetras, or tetra fish are peaceful and well suited to community tanks, provided they are kept in schools. In tanks with more robust fish, larger tetras do better than the smaller Tetra species

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