Calgary Workplace Approved First Aid and CPR Courses - We proudly offer workplace approved first aid, CPR and AED courses in the Calgary area. We have locations in the North and South of Calgary.

  • Workplace Approved First aid, CPR and AED Courses in Calgary, Alberta - First Aid & CPR Courses, Get training from experienced workplace approved first aid instructors in a shorter course and become certified for 3 years.
  • Standard First Aid Courses Calgary - Standard First Aid Courses, Do you want to get more prepared for first aid emergencies? Then get workplace approved standard first aid certification.
  • First Aid and CPR Course Calgary - Childcare First Aid Courses, CPR & childcare first aid course designed for candidates working, or planning on working, in the childcare, daycare
  • First aid classes Calgary | CPR classes Calgary - workplace approved childcare first aid is broken into two similar programs. Emergency childcare first aid is one of the most popular first aid programs
  • Standard Childcare First Aid and CPR level 'B' Training Calgary - Standard Childcare First Aid, Get certified in just 16 hours with workplace approved standard child care courses. Includes CPR level 'B' and AED.
  • Workplace Approved Emergency First Aid and CPR Training in Calgary - Emergency First Aid Courses, Calgary First Aid proudly offers emergency first aid courses including CPR level “A” or CPR level “C” classes in 8 hours
  • Workplace Approved CPR Courses in Calgary, Alberta - We provide various CPR courses including variety of levels. Also available with re-certification courses which are cheaper and shorter than the original
  • CPR Level “A” Course in Calgary - AED Training Included - CPR level "A" Course, Get workplace approved certification from us with CPR level “A” courses within 3 to 4 hours class which is valid for 3 years.
  • CPR Level “C” Course Calgary - CPR level "C" Course taught by qualified workplace approved instructors and get certified for 3 years at a cost of only $69.99 and can re-take the course
  • CPR HCP Course Calgary - Workplace and Academic Approved - We offers CPR HCP course which is designed for candidates working in the health care industry such as doctors, nurse’s and other health care professionals
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support (BLS) in Calgary - Register for Heart and Stroke Foundation Basic Life Support (BLS) courses with Calgary First Aid. Certification is valid for 3 years. Lowest prices.
  • First Aid and Infant CPR Courses Calgary - Infant CPR Course, Get CPR Infant course at your home as we send our best workplace approved first aid and CPR (certified and trained) instructors to you to personally
  • First Aid, CPR and AED Re-Certification Calgary - Re-Certifications, Don’t worry if your certification is over. Get re-certified through most experienced and trained instructors for all types of courses
  • First Aid and CPR Re-Certification Calgary - CPR level "C" Re-Certification, We offer workplace approved CPR level “C” and AED re-certification course within significantly shorter and cheaper than re-taking
  • CPR HCP Re-certification Course Calgary - AED Included - CPR HCP Re-Certification, Register today! If you want to get re certified in CPR HCP Courses with comfortable and convenient locations throughout Calgary.
  • Standard Childcare First Aid and CPR level 'B' Re-Certification - Standard Childcare First Aid Re-Certification, Register for a re certification in Child care first aid and CPR course scroll to the bottom of the page
  • On-Line Food Safety Certification - Register for workplace approved food safety certification programs in Calgary with Calgary First Aid. Lowest prices and workplace approved.
  • H2S Alive Course - H2S Alive Course, We proudly feature H2S Alive certification courses. We provide this course at the lowest rates in Calgary. Our instructors
  • Physical Properties of H2S - Physical Properties of H2S, A crucial component of H2S alive training is understanding the properties of Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Dangers of H2S - Dangers of H2S, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is one of the major dangers for individuals that work in the petroleum industry. This gas is incredibly poisonous
  • Sources of H2S - Sources of H2S, H2S, also referred to as hydro sulfuric acid, stink damp and sewer gas, has several different sources and can be found in the natural environment,
  • Human Exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide - Human Exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide, Hydrogen Sulfide’s (H2S) main route in the human body is through inhalation and can potentially damage any of the body’s physiological systems

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    i purchased several different simple sugars, both with and without emu oil. every one leaves a greasy film on my skin. it was so terrible that i actually had to take another shower with soap just to get rid of the greasy feel. when i called customer service, they refused to refund me even for the unopened product because "i agreed to their terms".

  • BB 179 - Great resource for anyone considering solo practice

    Solo by Choice is an excellent starting point for anyone who is thinking about opening their own practice, as well as those who already have their own practice but are looking for ways to improve. The book honestly and straightforwardly addresses both the pros and cons of having your own office, and helps the reader assess whether this is the right choice. There is a very practical, nuts and bolts approach covering what you need to do to start a practice, options such as a virtual office, transitioning from your current job, getting clients and dealing with them once you have them, complying with professional responsibility requirements and avoiding ethical issues, ways of making money while building up your client base, fee structures and fee agreements, and much more. One invaluable resource is the twelve month "task timeline" for laying the ground work for your practice. Also particularly helpful is the detailed section on online marketing and social media. The author notably provides specifics throughout on low and no cost options for marketing, legal research, office software, and training, to help the reader keep overhead low.

  • Film buff in NY - Perfect for this Mom on the go who wants to get back in shape!

    As a 35 year old mother of 2, I was intrigued by an offer a close friend of mine made regarding a product called Simply Fit Board….an exercise tool. She said it would be no charge if I would write an unbiased product review. After reviewing several videos on You Tube, I was excited to start my exercises. In about 2 weeks I had progressed from the simple balancing techniques to the more aggressive use of legs and body parts. The exercises are neatly balanced into my schedule ….working around the care of my young children. Now into my Balance board use for 3 months, it has become not only convenient but also rewarding and “important”. I love my Simply Fit Board and intend to use it as much as possible. Even the kids love to "spin" on it!! Thank you Simply Fit Board!

  • Stevie G - Not for my 65" Samsung

    I was looking to get something very low-profile to mount my newly purchased Samsung 7100 65" LED. When i first received the tiny box for this item I had doubts about if it would work with my TV. The frame for this unit actually has to be assembled so it is very compact when shipped. Ultimately Im sure it would have supported my 65" LED, but the distance between the wall and the back of my TV with this mount is only 1.3". My TV has a combination of input jacks that come off the back, both sideways and some that come straight back. The ones that come out straight back are the problem, specifically with the optical audio cable I was planning on using. I would have had to bend the back of the cable at an undesirable angle to get it to fit. I considered getting a 90 degree adpater, which would have allowed for the connection of the cable without having to bend it, but after considering my options decided to go with a more versatile mount that I could use, the ATDEC TH-3070-UFL Telehook, also sold on Amazon. It has a full motion articulation and provide ample sapce between TV and wall (2" min to 25" max). It costs severals times the price as the Cheetah Mount, but will provide the right versatility for me to connect all the cables I neeed and easy accerss to the back of the TV for future cable changes.