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  • Norm - Works on every table thus far...

    One of the best inventions for baby gear. We dine out often and this light, easy to install ( 50+ tables and counting). This is a no fail way to have baby really join us at the table when we are dining out. Most restaurant highchairs don't actually allow our baby to sit close or high enough to reach the table, this solves that problem. Everyone comments on how neat this contraption is. That and it makes my germaphobic wife very happy. Happy wife, happy..well, enough said.

  • pristine - The 571B is the real deal

    This is the only one used on official world tournaments and don't settle for less. Some will try to sell you a 569, 570 or 571A but they are cheap versions of the real deal which is the 571B. At home I still have an old 134 series A (the cast iron one with the screw to set the width) which I use for special occasions, but when I travel the 571B is in my carry-on. The 200 and 300's are really more for people with a tomato background.

  • Chantel Smith - OMG I LIVE BY THIS PRODUCT.. If you ...

    OMG I LIVE BY THIS PRODUCT.. If you have a pimple just put a dot on it at night and in the morning.. It should be 60% smaller.. Dot for one more day and it is GONE.. I threw away all acne products.. This will heal Acne.. Try it. Leave it on all night if you have severe acne.. It takes all the red away.

  • Rod D. Sherwin - This really works, the earlier the better.

    This works. It is expensive but it works. Make absolutely certain that you follow the instructions, particularly the amount of product to use for each application. I would say there are about three applications per ounce.

  • Joe V - Good acne treatment!

    I have been using this product for about a week now, I did get a pimple and after the first 2 days of using it, it went away.