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  • Monica - Useful

    This seems to have some very useful tips and explanations about the exam in it. I think it is worth the price.

  • Mona - 3 day difference!

    Seeing as though I am on the cusp of turning 40 and have never used an anti-wrinkle product until now, I believed all of these creams were a joke. I've used this for only 3 days and have already noticed a substantial difference in the wrinkles in between my eyebrows. I look forward to what will come out of continuous use of this product.

  • Slimpickenz - Nice flavor, moist and chewy

    The flavor of this jerky is overall pleasant, and while the taste of the seasonings is nice, you can still taste the flavor of the beef. The use of allspice as a flavoring agent is different from most jerkies that I eat; however, I did enjoy it, as this product did not go overboard with it. The meat is tender and chewy, a bit more chewy than I prefer actually. At $8 for 2 oz, this is definitely on the pricier end for jerky, but the beef is grass fed and the flavor of the meat really comes through. The problem with chewier jerkies is the fat doesn't render as well, and I had a large piece of fat on one of the pieces of jerky, which was off-putting when I tried to eat it. This was only one piece out of the whole bag though, the rest of the bag was mostly fat free.

  • Donald T. - ... front driver's side and back seat floor mats are good and protect most of the carpet

    The front driver's side and back seat floor mats are good and protect most of the carpet. The front passenger side mat fits only the flat part of the floor leaving a lot of carpet that would normally be exposed to muddy boots exposed. The mats fit well and were easy to install. The rubber is a little thinner than some other brands.

  • Colin A. - All Hype & No Bite!!

    I heard amazing things about this product by fitness gurus and of course the owners. They all claim the effect would be noticed very quickly. I took this product as directed and saw NOTHING. Very disappointed and frustrated I wasted my $$

  • JoeS - If you play, or want to play guitar or bass, buy this game NOW

    1) The only people who don't like this game are having issues with installing it. Or there's a conflict of some kind on their computer.

  • JOSE FERNANDEZ GRANDIZO P - Buyer beware!!!! Your accountant's data from Sage Quantum will not transfer you your new Sage software!!!

    After having our accountant handle our books in her Sage 50 Quantum Accountant's SW, we decided it was time for us to do the accounting in house. We purchased Sage 50 Premium 14, and to our surprise, after the fact, we discovered the data in our accountant's Sage Quantum cannot be transferred to our new Premium version! This seem to defy logic. The natural path for a small company is to start with their books been done by the accountant (with their hi-power Quantum version) and then move on to company in-house processing with a right-sized Premium version. Apparently, not with Sage. They would not let you do it.