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  • Monica Fernandez - IT DID NOT WORK AT ALL FOR ME

    The mice practicly pooped right on the bag. I felt like they gave me the finger and laughed at me. The sad part is that this was my last attempt to make them go away with out killing them, sadly we are back to the mice tramps the ones the snap ;(. So I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS

  • Krieghund360 - Good and on its way to become great!

    I normally do not feel motivated to write a review. But feel I need to share my experience with this console and what I have both learned and enjoyed, as well as a few things I consider that need to be improved for it to become a better device and to deliver a better experience.

  • Michael G. - This is just awesome. Daughter can't stop working with it

    This is just awesome. Daughter can't stop working with it. Looking at downloading the python SDK for it to do some programming very cool product well thought out. Nice job......