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  • Jennifer Combs - Really great product!

    This mouth rinse is awesome! I can really tell I have less plaque after using it. I had to change dentists because of insurance changes and my new dentist doesn't seem to remove my plaque nearly as well (he uses a water pressure type tool instead of the metal tool to scrape). I searched for options online because I notice teeth more than the average person and plaque drives me nuts. It does have a peculiar taste (not bad, not good), which at first is more noticeable if you've always used minty mouth wash. You use this product before brushing your teeth (it loosens the plaque), so if the taste bothers you, you can always continue to use mouth wash after brushing. I don't have dry mouth, so I'm not sure how the product works that issue, but I do know it removes plaque!

  • dshafs - Forget and Forget !!

    I really hate the algae stains on my roof. I learned about this product through Internet research and was elated by the good reviews. In October of 2011 I applied the first treatment. I bought a backpack sprayer (from Amazon - where else?) and followed the instructions EXACTLY. I want to empahsize that I am a very meticulous person and was precise in the mixing and application. So I waited for the amazing results and my roof without black streaks. And I waited ..... and I waited... and my family was making fun of me because I would ask every few weeks if they looked fainter .... and I waited. So being a patient fellow, I decided with all of these great reviews that I must have done something wrong or maybe had a bad "batch". So on June 29, 2012 I applied the second treatment of the magical elixir. It is now almost the beginning of December and I am ticked everytime I come up my driveway to see the black stains on my roof. I am now researching other methods of ridding myself of the dreaded algae. Oh and I also used it on the sides of my enclosed car trailer to see if it would remove the black streaks that have built up over the years. Same result. Nothing. I don't like to write bad reviews and have held off because I am flumoxed by the amount of good reviews and was waiting for the magic to happen but the joke's on me. Don't waste your money or time on this stuff. It's dreadful.

  • WuBing - Miracle probiotic for IBS

    I have IBS since 1992, usually triggered when drinking milk, wheat, yeast, lack of exercise, or work stress. Stomach always bloating when IBS strikes.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Application

    Very easy to use. No formal or legal training required. Pretty much everything you need is included as far as I know.

  • P. Fox - This product is easy to use and doesn't take much time at all

    This product is easy to use and doesn't take much time at all. One thing the instructions do not tell you is that if you polish one nail and are too slow in polishing the others, the polish "pools" into the center of the nails previously painted, so you have to repair them before you go in the LED dryer. So, I did two fingers at a time and got great results. I was done in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.