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  • wheeling365 - Not packaged very well

    Actual product works exactly as advertised. The box that the manufacturer uses on the other hand not so much. The powder leaks out easily even sealed from new. When ordering I would definitely keep that in mind.

  • Paul Virtue - Didn't last long

    This was a gift and so by the time I opened it and started it using it two weeks had passed from date of purchase. Now I have been using it three weeks and it is dead but past the return deadline. It is a worthless paper weight.

  • Happy One! - Really like these drops

    Really like these drops. I was taking something else that is very similar that cost a whole lot more and when I ran out of the other stuff I thought I would try this. Works better than that more expensive stuff. Gives me energy, helps with the appetite and would highly recommend the drops if you are adjusting your food intake and serious about losing weight. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Josh Cooper with the dog howard - Quick book review

    I have recently switched from the PC to MAC version of quickbooks and there are two things that the Mac version is missing, that I consider a huge shortcoming on its part..

  • Barbara L. Hammonds - I love this stuff !

    It really IS non-stick. If you keep the dull side up in your baking pan or baking sheet, whatever you put on there will not stick. And it is heavy duty enough not to tear and split . Will buy again and again.

  • Joolie - Chronic UTI sufferer now celebrating anniversaries without UTIs - other brands of pills didn't work!

    I used to get a UTI pretty much every single month. I started taking Azo Cranberry pills daily and eventually I was able to celebrate more than one anniversary of being UTI-free. For whatever reason, it's specific to the Azo brand. These are expensive, so I decided to try other cranberry pills to save money, but within a week or two I started to feel "twingy" so I hurried to get back on the Azo pills.

  • Amazon Customer - Very happy

    These fit perfect and look awesome. I'm completely happy with the fit and construction of these mud flaps. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because of the double sided sticky tape didn't hold very well on the rear mud flaps but the factory screws hold it fine. I've had these on my truck for a few months now and I removed the rear flaps and cleaned off the sticky tape and reinstalled with 3M sticky tape and it holds great and looks great. If I had to do it again I'd replace the tape on the original install.