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  • C. Reinders II - A Concept Album of Epic Proportions

    Aside from the quintessential 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is an iconic masterpiece, Being a concept album, The Wall has a mix of irony (Waters wrote it in response to the press's criticism that the band was boorish) and subtext that is not as obvious as other concept albums.

  • Marina - Really Pretty Diffuser that Goes With Any Decor, Works Very Efficiently

    This Viva Naturals Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser came packed in a cardboard box for protection. It is a very nice shape and fits into any type of décor that you could imagine.

  • A. Grover - Warm beer into cold in one minute!

    Does what it claims to do. Cools from room temperature to about 40 degrees in 1 minute for cans, 3 1/2 for bottles, 6 for a 750ml bottle of wine. Be prepared to burn through ice using this - about 16 cubes to start it up and around four cubes for each successive bottle/can you cool. It spins the bottle/can under a stream of icy water to cool your beverage in no time. Moreover, it sure beats throwing a bottle in the freezer and having it explode when you forget it. Despite the spinning there is no eruption from your can or bottle when you open it - just a bit of a welcoming "burp" when you pop it open.

  • Amazon Customer - Works great! It does show out from under the monitor ...

    Works great! It does show out from under the monitor more than I might have liked but it does the job & that's the important part!!

  • Kelvin - It's ok

    It worked well for the most part, when it came to skin and hair . I would say it had a reverse effect, when it came to my joints, it caused swelling and a bit of pain to my knees , once I stoped taking it , the swelling and pain were gone .

  • Gus Valdes - mustang car cover

    Great car cover. Very well built. I would highly recommend this cover to all cars left outside. It fits perfect for my mustang

  • Michael Frank - Wish I could give Zero stars.

    I've been successfully using Nero since 2011. After an update... still unsure if it was a Windows 7 update or a video card update, my 2014 video/recode stopped working... wouldn't even load. Somehow a suggestion was made that I upgrade to 2015... sadly I listened to that suggestion and now I'm left with a lighter bank account and the same problem. Nero support wouldn't refund my money and says it's a video card software update and to revert back to an earlier version... Perhaps if Nero had it's act together, I wouldn't have to dumb-down my computer.