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  • RSR in Tampa - I would recommend this bulb upgrade to anyone who owns a ...

    Huge difference from the factory bulbs. If they last they will be worth a fifth star. I would recommend this package bulb upgrade to anyone who owns a 2011 KIA Sportage.

  • Tiffany Johnson - Since then I've gone back to relaxed and it's works wonderfully for both

    I live by the stuff!!!! I started using this product when I was transitioning from relaxed to natural hair about six years ago. Since then I've gone back to relaxed and it's works wonderfully for both. I'm a product junkie and am constantly trying new products to find the best ones. This one is the best leave in conditioner that I've ever used. And an added bonus, it's cheap!!! I don't know what I'd do if they ever discontinued this product.

  • R. Binder - Entered the license number - it doesn't work. Ugh...

    So far, I really, really hate this. I got the product super fast from Amazon - no issues there. It came in the original, legit package. Tried to install it, and entered the license and product number. It says "Invalid number. It doesn't work. I tried it several times. Doesn't work. I downloaded the product from Intuit and tried installing it again - same problem. Removed the program from the computer and started over. Still doesn't work. Tried getting some help on Intuit's site - no help there. Tried calling Intuit to get some help, and even though they say their help line is open 24/7, that doesn't mean PEOPLE are there...just a bunch of recordings. Soooo, I'm going to ask Amazon to take it back and replace it. Will post an update then. I don't believe this problem is due to anything that Amazon caused or did wrong, but I hope they can help me get it straightened out. My guess is the sticker for the license had some mistake. We'll see...

  • Ray W. - Super impressed soft and long

    Got these for my birthday from a friend! Was gonna turn them in then decided to give them a try! Super impressed soft and long! The logo BOMB could be a little smaller! Won a couple individual tournaments playing these!

  • A. Bates - Easy process! Great buy!

    I was so pleased with this purchase! I purchased this to use for business purposes, and was happy to be able to purchase it through Amazon. I am not a "tech" person, so I was happy that the process for downloading this software was easy. It does take a bit of time to download, but that's because the program is robust.

  • Meghan Radavich - Loved every page!

    What can I say but I loved this book. I'm not very good at writing reviews so please bear with me. I've read every single book written by Ms. Harris and this didn't disappoint. It was well thought out with the very wide twists the plot took, all of the scenarios were plausible and characters were very genuine. I loved the good characters and despised the bad ones. Extremely happy with this book and highly by recommend to read! It won't disappoint you. Thank you Ms. Harris for another fab read. Keep them coming!

  • Kiler Dresden - It does work! But only if your cortisol levels are raised...

    This is very simple. The people that it works for (like me) are the people who have raised cortisol levels! Different people handle stress in different ways, so if it is not working for you its because your cortisol level is fine and there is another reason why you have belly fat. Why does everyone think one supplement works for everyone? Have your cortisol levels checked by your doctor before you take the supplement, don't just try it and say its a bad product! If your cortisol level is fine and you take it,you are LOWERING your cortisol even further and you will experience bad effects like hair loss, acne, and fatigue. I really wish people would use a little common sense before they just "jump in" to a new product or regimen. Sometimes belly fat is simply due to overeating and lack of exercise...