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  • Blade Fan - Awesome Chopper

    Awesome chopper. A wood processing machine. Came very sharp. Chopped a lot of wood, and was still just as sharp. Hard to beat for the money.

  • Amazon Customer - Great headset, with hardly any letdowns.

    If anyone's interested in VR, I've recently purchased this item, the VR . I Decided to purchase it as I've been interested in VR for a while and had my first VR experience mobile headsets are very much more affordable and can fit a variety of sizes. Also, some if not all headsets come with lens adjusting controls, like mine, which can alter your field of view weather you prefer a more close up experience, or viewing things further away. Another thing, which maybe a downside to a mobile headset VR is motion fatigue. Which if you are prone to motion sickness, I would generally avoid using such a device for long periods of time as the first time you wear one, it can feel a little head jarring. As I own a HTC M9, and device fits naturally into the adjustor clips and doesn't fall out of place when you close the main housing where your device would sit.

  • S.Hamilton - Hazin' & Blazin'

    After reading the reviews on this site I thought that using this product for rush week at our frat house would be pretty funny. Man was I dead wrong. The story I've told my lawyer over & over again goes like this. We snuck into one of our pledges rooms one night & liberally applied to his, at the time, tiny young pale berries. We then snuck out of his room & waited 5 minutes to hear what could only be described as a high pitched shrill shriek of death, like the sound of a cat being run over by a lawnmower. He barreled through the door & came at us with the veracity of a mother ape & we had stolen her child. He lunged at us & pleaded for help. With desperation in his eyes I caught a glimpse of his once tiny appendages, now gigantic purple & apple looking in form. Foaming at the mouth & tears streaming from his eyes he said one simple thing in a tone I will never forget. "Help me" he whispered. We quickly drug him to Billy's room since he was the only one we knew with a mini fridge with a freezer in it & the bathroom was on the second floor. We kicked open the door knocking over Billy's hookah in the process. We ripped open Billy's freezer & began rubbing one frozen item after another onto his now heirloom tomatoes with elephantiasisish stuff. I've honestly never before heard the sounds that came out of him nor will I probably ever again. I believe that there were tongues not spoken in a thousand years emanating from this young mans inner being. I have never been more afraid in my life. His eyes burned a bright red as if to be turning the same color as his now softball sized nuggets. The only relief came in a form of a can of fresca & a frozen bag of peas applied to the affected area. Clean as a whistle but still red as the devils dick we went up to the second floor to use the bathroom to wash off the remaining cream. Bad idea. Apparently water activates it even further, just pushing it around infecting other sensitive areas where hair also grows. Knowing there was no more fresca in house we tried a plethora of other sodas to no avail. A popsicle shoved into a place where no one ever dreams they would ever have one shoved was enough to quiet the screams momentarily. Just then we smelled smoke & realized the hookah that we knocked over in Billy's room had started the house on fire. Well, after the emergency room visit & 7 hours with the police department & fire department I'm out on bail & awaiting trial on the 4 felony counts & 2 misdemeanors I've been ridiculously charged with. Lucky for most the only real loss we had was the communal fish tank in which we were pretty much replacing after every party we had anyway since someone was always puking in it. After all is said & done, I'm happy to report that our frat house is being rebuilt & the pledge has become an honorary member leading the cause to keep me kicked out. Talk about motivation. The doctors also told me that he will never ever grow hair in the regions that I applied this product so I definitely give it 5 stars.

  • A. Richards - Fastest wine chiller we've seen

    We are purchasing our second Cooper Cooler. The last one we basically just wore out with heavy use over a few years. The need to add ice (a minor inconvenience) is better than waiting 30 minutes for a chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. We were given one of the Waring chillers that is a self-refrigerated type and it takes a long time to chill (although it is fine to keep wine at temperature near the dining table). But for a cold beer quickly, or to chill wine in 6 minutes (it really does!) this is the best and quickest. When we got our first Cooper Cooler, we were afraid we would "blow up" carbonated beverages with the spinner. No problem, spinning seems to work fine with no fizzy consequences. Even works for champagne if the bottle is small enough. Some are a little big.

  • Jacqueline H. Briggs - Do NOT first

    Dogs became very ill within the first 3-4 days of putting collars on and the vet can't refund an opened used product and Bayer will not just approve a refund. They treat you like you are scamming or lying. They justify not refunding because it is an opened used product. So these companies get to make money on these products and not refund when the customer can't use it because it makes the dog I'll. I cannot believe that after a vet highly recommends the product they then say they can't refund an "opened sued product" after it made the dogs sick. They have to go to Bayer for approval for a refund. When new products/chemicals are introduced in the market for flea and tick there is always the risk of adverse reactions. The company is not held responsible or accountable. The price of these collars is not cheap. If your dogs becomes sick within the first 3 days you literally threw your money away and Bayer and the vet made a profit off of each and every collar sold. At that point they are going to continue to make a lot of money until there are enough reports of adverse reactions to maybe pull it off the market. That would take a lot and not everyone will report their experience. So the profits will continue to pour in despite the dogs that end up sick. Their are dogs having seizures.....this is not a concern for vets and Bayer. All they care about is the profit. If it makes a dog sick or doesn't do what it says you should be entitled to a refund. Period. Get it in writing when you buy it that you can get a refund if there is a problem. If they told people up front there would he less sales. But at least you would know you are taking a chance with the money you spend. You won't see them tell you willing about not being able to refund because they know there will be less sales.

  • Lisa Caroline - Super-Easy to Use and Inexpensive!

    I've been doing my own taxes since I was 18 years old. I have a family of 4, with income from a job AND income from self-employment, own my own home, 401k, etc. I normally get the 'Deluxe' version which includes everything I need to cover all of our income and deductions. I also get the +State version which is very handy. Last year, I got the Deluxe version without State and regretted it later. Even though the state forms are super-easy, I had to take the time to read everything myself and print forms from the state website when the software could have done it all for me. It really does save time to let the software do BOTH returns! The software walks you through each step of your return, asking questions along the way, to help you get every deduction available. Rarely have I ever had to go to the IRS website for clarification, since the software is extremely thorough.

  • CiCi - Love the recipes and menus

    Love the recipes and menus. Only trouble is connecting to my recipes to save some of the recipes in my box