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  • Michael - Great item fits well easy to install

    They have done a great job with this, it fits perfectly and no issues with fitting. I've placed this on my wife's phone to see how she fairs with it and she's not complained with any loss of screen light or sensitivity which is excellent. I can sale with all honesty I would recommend this screen projector to all my friends and family.

  • Ray P - Great Product

    This is a great way to turn your Timbuk2 Messenger bag into a padded camera pack. I got the medium to go into my medium classic messenger bag, and it fits perfectly. I really like that it allows me to carry my camera very inconspicuously

  • Lord Vader - Bitdefender brings systems to a crawl

    I will start out this review by stating that I am glad I bought this with a 100% rebate offer, so at least I didn't wast any money on this POS product! First off, Bitdefender will bring your system to a crawl, especially in regards to browsing the internet. It seems to scan at random intervals, and always has to do a full scan whenever I plug a flash drive in. Startup and shutdown take significantly longer than before installing BitDefender. Whereas most AV programs let you configure when you want scans to happen, this is not possible with BitDefender; it will simply scan your system whenever it wants, bringing your system to a crawl. Your only recourse when this happens it to reboot your PC. However, you'll probably need to do a hard shutdown by holding in the power button until the computer shuts off, because BitDefender will cause the shutdown process to take forever!

  • Laurence s. - Great little cooler!

    Outstanding little cooler! Holds 6 cans of soda or your favorite drink nicely.keeps all 6 cans cold.works great with house power or plug it into your truck power outlet.

  • KerriN - I do notice a small taste of something when I put it in water but like in flavored water like Propel –nope…didn’t taste a thing

    This review is for the pureLYFT Energy Stir Sticks - Clean Caffeine Supplement - Zero Calories - All Natural (1 Package, 6 Sticks). I was on the fence about these sticks say as opposed to having caffeine already in a drink or taking a guarana capsule. The positive is that I can add it to any beverage to get that 125mg of caffeine into it. I do notice a small taste of something when I put it in water but like in flavored water like Propel –nope…didn’t taste a thing. I didn’t feel jittery from it so that was good. The negative is that it is an extra step and at $2 a pop, I think the guarana (natural caffeine) capsules are much more cost effective. Granted, I could get the 24 pack but still, it is a little pricey. The other thing is it is 125mg caffeine is all in one shot in case that is too much caffeine at once for someone – but most people taking these already do a considerable amount of caffeine. Overall, I liked the product.

  • thomas owens - No miracle in a tube

    We've seen improvements but some reviewers described this product as a miracle. Does better than prescription Acanya but is actually more expensive because it doesn't last long. We're checking out other clays that are a quarter to one third of the price for twice as much product.

  • Cassie B. - I second the "poonami" review

    I bought this at Target because I needed it fast. My 7 month old hadn't pooped for 5 days. I read the reviews on here and ran out to grab a bottle. I so agree with the "Poonami" review! So true! My daughter made a gigantic poo when she got up in the morning (12 hours after dosing). And a couple hours later, one equally as huge! If your baby is struggling to go, buy this! It is SO worth it! Who knew my daughter's bowel movement would cause me such relief?!