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  • Kent Forrest "Mac User" - Amazing stuff

    OK - I am not normally impressed with ANY of the so-called "restore it" cleansers but this stuff is impressive. I was not asking it to be restored to NEW condition since no cleanser can truly eradicate dents and scratches. What this does is to provide a LONG-TERM luster that nothing else seems to do. I have tried this on both the Oak varnish finishes of our closet doors and with the darker walnut Restor on our kitchen cabinets. Both seems to work marvelouusly. It does not take a lot of product to do the trick and after a month they still all seem to "pop." It is a very inexpensive solution to try before you paint or refinish any cabinets or doors.

  • Maria Palito - Excellent product, it really works, easy to use.

    Excellent product!, I am using it along Billings ovulation method and it just a perfect combination for me since billings method tells me my fertile days and this one not only knows when I am fertile but also when I am ovulating!

  • Q Tech TV - Wonderful natural moisturizer

    I ordered this organic castor oil for my wife. My wife has dry, itchy skin. Castor oil is a great natural moisturizer. She is very excited to try it.

  • Stephanie - Kaplan NCLEX PN

    This book helped more than any other test book I used....and I used several. It's the least expensive NCLEX PN testing book out there, but the very best!

  • JohnnyTubesteak - Being a dude just got suckier

    What do men have left? Today's women are voting, getting paid to do work, and now WRITING?!? At the bar the other day, my wife asked for a beer instead a wine cooler. My buddy heard that there are female golfers in many parts of the country, and most clubs let them play on the same course as the men. At an intersection the other day, I saw a woman in the driver's seat, and not because she was sitting on a male driver's lap. As if men hadn't been stripped of everything good already, BIC steps in and piles on by encouraging women to learn to write, just like their male counterparts. WTF, BIC?

  • *sc* - YES!

    I ordered these because my teeth are a little short of perfect! After using all 14 treatments, I have to say that other people have noticed that my teeth have gotten whiter so thats definitely a plus. Although my teeth weren't perfect, they weren't the worst either so don't expect to see miraculous results although you definitely will notice whiter teeth after 3-4 days. I see a lot of people complain about the pain that comes with it, I didn't experience any pain but it is a little uncomfortable during the half hour you wear the strips, at least you know it's working lol. I will be ordering these again in the future! Satisfied with my purchase!

  • G. Gabriele - Very disappointed

    My wife is a 55 year old 110 pound active, athletic person. She sustained a fracture of her foot that required no weight bearing on the foot. The I Walk arrived. Assembly was easy. We followed the instructions to the letter for fitting, and getting used to the device. My wife found it impossible to walk across the room let alone for long distances as detailed in the ads. She almost fell twice (that would have been a real disaster). I thought she was nuts and adjusted it to my height etc. I also found it extremely awkward to walk a short distance let alone. $150.00 badly spent and NO RETURNS!!! One star rating is actually too high.