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  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713113584/1-h-mr-spectroscopy-in-cervical-carcinoma-using OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — (1) H MR spectroscopy in cervical carcinoma using... - (1) H MR spectroscopy in cervical carcinoma using external phase array body coil at 3.0 Tesla: Prediction of poor prognostic human papillomavirus genotypes. http://ift.tt/2abHAek Related Articles (1)...
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  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713114179/the-decade-in-clinical-thyroid-disease-an OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — The Decade in Clinical Thyroid Disease: An... - The Decade in Clinical Thyroid Disease: An Analysis of Published Literature http://ift.tt/29UwKd0 Thyroid , Vol. 0, No. 0. from
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713112284/vulvar-and-vaginal-cancer-vulvar-intraepithelial OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer, Vulvar Intraepithelial... - Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer, Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia 3 and Vaginal Intraepithelial Neoplasia 3: Experience of a Referral Institute. http://ift.tt/2abI44p Related Articles Vulvar and Vaginal...
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713111159/adolescent-vaccination-performance-in-south#notes OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Adolescent Vaccination Performance in South... - Adolescent Vaccination Performance in South Carolina Compared to the United States. http://ift.tt/2abHQKs Related Articles Adolescent Vaccination Performance in South Carolina Compared to the United...
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713109699/cancer-prevention-in-hiv-infected-populations OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Cancer prevention in HIV-infected populations. - Cancer prevention in HIV-infected populations. http://ift.tt/1XmUCCI Related Articles Cancer prevention in HIV-infected populations. Semin Oncol. 2016 Feb;43(1):173-88 Authors: Goncalves PH,...
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713102129/contribution-of-spoken-language-and-socio-economic OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Contribution of spoken language and socio-economic... - Contribution of spoken language and socio-economic background to adolescents' educational achievement at age 16 years. http://ift.tt/2a10PVP Related Articles Contribution of spoken language and...
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713100804/ragona-scinàs-1847-method-for-and-observations OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Ragona-Scinà's (1847) Method for, and Observations... - Ragona-Scinà's (1847) Method for, and Observations of, Simultaneous Color Contrast. http://ift.tt/2a10VwM Related Articles Ragona-Scinà’s (1847) Method for, and Observations of, Simultaneous Color...
  • http://earnosethroatmedicine.tumblr.com/post/147713100589/does-early-paternal-involvement-predict-offspring OTOLARYNGOLOGY BY ALEXANDROS SFAKIANAKIS — Does early paternal involvement predict offspring... - Does early paternal involvement predict offspring developmental diagnoses? http://ift.tt/2a10se9 Related Articles Does early paternal involvement predict offspring developmental diagnoses? Early Hum...

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  • Neodoering - Gave Me Everything I Was Looking For

    I came to this book for some advice on query letters, which it had in spades, and for some specific magazine listings, which it also had. It gave me everything I was looking for, so I am satisfied and pleased with it as a resource. I didn't dig real deep, just looked up half a dozen magazines for contact information and read some how-to articles, but within these areas I had a satisfying experience.

  • Ms. Fire Water - Well worth the money

    Love this product. Works better than any other skin product I have purchased. Will continue to buy it.

  • Wdimike - Yep, it Al Cass...the real deal

    The most popular valve oil there is. Buy it, use it, smell the oily goodness when you inhale. Play on!

  • Christopher Therrian - Horribly inaccurate

    I don't normally write reviews but this thermometer is so bad I feel that I need to. It is completely inaccurate and unreliable. This thermometer has given readings so high that I had to rush my daughter to the ER only to find out her temp wasn't nearly as high as I thought it was. Just today I took her because it said her temp was 106.7! I get there 20 minutes later and they take her temp and it was 102.6. Yes she clearly had a fever but there is a big difference between 102.6 and 106.7. This thermometer has caused me to panic more than once now. I am done with it.

  • MaGonz - DID NOT WORK FOR ME!!!

    I've tried several pills to help me lose weight or at least control my eating habit. I used relacore with the hopes that it would get rid of excess belly fat as it says it does, Of course it is not rocket science - any diet pill you take I truly recommend exercising, because there is no MIRACLE PILL, FACE IT, People need to get up and exercise and not rely on only a pill to do all the work. When I bought relacore I knew that exercising is the key to losing the weight and just hoped that relacore helped in keeping the weight off. NOT TRUE! I took it for an entire month WITH EXERCISING!! and not only did it do NOTHING, it also made my face break out!! so bad that i had to see a doctor to prescribe a cream and claritin. My room mate and I did it together and it did the same to her, but not as bad as it did to me. I took the dosage that it said to take for an entire month and within the third week i broke out in pimples and then into a rash. I have soft clear and clean skin, I've never had a problem like this. So for anyone who really wants to lose weight ask you doctor first, cause it took me at least 2 weeks to have my face cleared again. I also recommend trying HOODIA - it controls your eating habit by alot!! but make sure it is from south africa and it's 100% pure. It helped me alot - but when your body is used to taking it, to continue you may need to take more than recommended, I stopped taking it because I have stabled myself in eating less. and always exercise!!!!

  • jjswan33 - Great bike for this price.

    For the price of the bike the features are great. I wanted the disc brakes and the higher end components. The shifters could be better.

  • James W. Mahan - Disappointed after the experience with the free trial

    I had a 30 day free trial of the 2011 version and it was great. Went to order it after 30 days and only the 2013 version was available. Prior to the trial of the 2011 version I was using my 2007 program which worked well but needed an upgrade. The trial unit had colored icons in the selection bar across the top the screen, but the 2013 program is black and whilte and hard to read. That hard to read makes my use of the program hard to use. Previously I had used the program for 50 or more car trips and for finding locations nearby to home and places we would visit. It was not worth the expense for the upgrade of the program.