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  • Peterson - Short antenna, unfortunately short on performance.

    I've had the antenna installed for 10 days on my 2011 Mini Countryman. That has been long enough to confirm that it DOES affect satellite radio service. It fits fine and has a clean profile on the car. But in a downtown setting the antenna is affected by the buildings. In the suburbs, driving street lined with mature trees the signal is also inconsistent. It also has random signal hiccups on the open freeway. This just doesn't come close to the factory antenna. I expect to return it and get the Mini factory stubby.

  • Charlie - Great!

    This ball is the 2008 Olympic ball. It also looks really cool! Those are the two reasons I purchased it. You can feel in your hands that it is high quality. However, it feels and plays a little different than most indoor balls used in America. Thus, if you want a ball for training/practice, I would suggest a traditional, less expensive ball.

  • MrAv8er - It's MS Office, more bloated than ever

    In the software manufacture's never ending quest to keep selling you the same thing over and over, we have Office 2013. Super expensive, it does pretty much the same things it did last year, but for more money and now forcing you to re-learn the interface all over again. I'm going to try Open Office next time, because this is getting to expensive. How many times can you re-invent a wheel?


    If you have made the mistake of ordering this H&R Block software like I did, return it now before you open the box! I did not believe all the bad reviews on this product. So, I ordered it and found out all the bad reviews are on point. The "Business" portion of the software sucks. It is especially bad if you are trying to do a 1041 estate return (despite H&R Block advertising that this is one of the applications this software is designed for). When using this tax software, you essentially have to already know everything you need to know about completing a business or estate return WITHOUT the help of this product. That is, all this software does for you is to print-out an IRS form to mail-in (no e-filing for business or estate returns included) IF you already have sufficient tax knowledge to complete the form on your own by hand. And, once you get the software you find out the "one free H&R Block tax advisor" session advertised DOES NOT apply to business or estate returns--only to personal returns! Run--don't walk--away from this tax software while you can. Don't make the same mistake I did and ignore all the bad reviews about it.