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  • Tammy Litke - Small electric shaver that works okay

    I was interested in trying this product because I really don't like to shave getting nicks and cuts, waxing is a pain and depilatories that yank the hair out at the root just plain hurt. For those thinking the light kills the hair or something along that line, I'm not sure why, the product never claims to do that. It's a small electric shaver that when turned on and pressed next to the skin starts to work. Are you not going to have to shave for weeks afterward like waxing..no..are you going to get as close of a shave as a straight edge razor...no (neither does my husband on his expensive electric shaver when compared to a razor blade), all that being said it works okay. I've used it on my face and bikini area for maintenance and touch ups and it's a good size and tool to use for those purposes. I still prefer to use a disposable razor on my underarms and legs for the closeness in those spots. Being able to charge it via usb is great (although I wish the cord were a little longer), and I actually like the small size for traveling or to throw in my bag for touch ups.

  • S. Harr - Been using it for years

    For twelve years I have been using the Panda Internet Suite. I have never had a problem with viruses taking over my computer. Any intruders were blocked and trojans returned to Greece. Over the years the interface has changed, which has caused some adjustment on my part. Considering all the malicious efforts out there in cyberspace lurking to commandeer information, it is a small adjustment for a big problem. In the past year I switched to the Global Protection in order to meet my needs better. The program has been as reliable as all the past versions.

  • jordan thompson - Terrible terrible button placement, other than that I like the Edge 820 a lot!

    Id like to be able to give 5 stars, and in the future I may come back and do that but certainly not yet. This thing has a rather glaring design flaw in the placement of the start and lap buttons. They are on the bottom of the unit... so if you use a K-Edge garmin mount... they are virtually inaccessible for you to press... its rather absurd. Luckily my edge 810 required the K edge XL mount so I can remedy this problem but with out that its nearly impossible to press the buttons. I have no idea what they were thinking with the button placement...

  • David Ingram - Must have for DIY projects.

    I have used this so much for DIY projects. The jig comes unassembled, but just a few small nut and bolts complete the install. Included drill bit is sturdy and sharp. Easy product to use, and foolproof hole boring. I have even let my 3 yeR old son cut some holes to "help daddy" with diy projects (holding the drill for him of course).

  • Cherm96 - Did Quality Go Down WIth KIS 2015?

    Have used different Internet Security software from different companies over the years. But in the last few years, have setteled with Kaspersky. I have been very happy with Kaspersky Internet Security 2012-2014. However I am not that excited with KIS 2015. Right out of the box I had issues installing the software from the product CD. Once it was installed, I notice that the interface was different that with the earlier versions. I started having issues with KIS 2015 conflicting with Adobe Reader X on all three of my PCs (Win XP, Vista, and Win 7). In searching online, this is a known bug with KIS 2015, however in contacting Kaspersky Tech Support, I was required to provide a "ton" of what I consider personal information about the PCs prior to Kaspersky providing any support. In addition, I am constantly getting a warning message that my Wi-Fi network is not secure from KIS 2015, even though I perfomed all of the recommendations that Kaspersky offered to make the Wi-Fi network secure. Found out from Kaspersky Forums that this is another known bug with KIS 2015. Have not been that impressed with the 2015 version of Internet Security or Kaskersky's support of the known bugs. Liked the 2014 version a lot better.