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Marina Johnson MD - Endocrinologist - Dr Marina Johnson is the Founder and Medical Director of The Institute of Endocrinology and Preventive Medicine in Irving, Texas.

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  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/services/ Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson - Treatment Approach and Philosophy of Patient Care - In designing a treatment program for you, Dr. Johnson strives to establish a hierarchy of therapies which provide the most efficacy with the least side effects.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/ebook/ Outliving your Ovaries by Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson - New book helps women evaluate the risks & benefits of HRT in clear, easy-to-understand terms so she can better work with her own physician to determine what’s right for her. It’s been estimated that 6000 women in the U.S. become menopausal every day. That is four women every minute.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/hormone-replacement-therapy/ Hormone Replacement Therapy | Endocrinologist Marina Johnson MD - Endocrinologist Dr Marina Johnson explains her treatment protocol for thousands of menopausal patients with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy - HRT
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/male-menopause-andropause/ Treating Male Menopause for 30 Years | Endocrinologist Dr Marina Johnson - Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson discusses her experience with male patients who experience acute and chronic testosterone dysfunction - Many are "over-treated" - It is about balance!
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/what-is-endocrinology/ Do I Need an Endocrinologist | Dr Marina Johnson - An endocrinologist is a medical specialist, requiring years of training, who corrects hormone imbalances in estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, cortisol, insulin, DHEA and growth hormone which results in improved overall health.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/depression-and-menopause/ Depression Menopause and Hormone Deficiency | Endocrinologist Dr Marina Johnson - Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson discusses her 30 year experience of treating depression in male and female patients by uncovering hormonal imbalances in estrogen, thyroid, cortisol, testosterone and growth hormone
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/foods-r-us/ Fast Food and Children | Dr Marina Johnson - We have a very intimate relationship with food. We take food into our bodies and it actually becomes part of our living selves. That is why it is so hard to change eating habits and patterns. We each have an early history that goes back to the eating patterns that we were taught as children.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/hypothyroidism-symptoms/ Hypothyroidism Symptoms - Endocrinologist Marina Johnson MD - Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson discusses the symptoms of hypothyroidism - what it is, how to recognize it and how best to treat it.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/growth-hormone-therapy/ Growth hormone deficiency? Are you aging before your eyes? Gaining weight around the middle? - Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson gives you the scoop on growth hormone therapy. - Symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and safety
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/sexual-dysfunction/ Sexual Dysfunction and Hormones - Endocrinologist Dr. Marina Johnson discusses her 29 year experience of treating sexual dysfunction in male and female patients by uncovering hormonal imbalances in thyroid, cortisol, estrogen, testosterone and growth hormone.
  • https://drmarinajohnson.com/articles/chronic-insomnia-and-hormones/ Chronic Insomnia | Poor Sleep and Hormones | Marina Johnson, MD - A Texas Endocrinologist explains how insomnia can be influenced by hormone imbalances in estrogen, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone and thyroid hormone.

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