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  • V.V.V - This is my Coffee in the Morning

    This is one of the best B12's I have every taken. I have suffered from extreme exhaustion lately to the point of where I was falling asleep while driving. I knew I needed to discuss the issue with my Dr. After several blood tests, I was found deficient in B12, so my Dr. recommended 2400mg of B12 a day. So I started taking a regular B12 supplement I found at the Sprouts store. I did not feel any better. I did some research and found that the Methyl B12 was more readily absorbable in the blood stream than the regular B12 normally sold, but is not as popular because it is a bit more expensive. Being pretty desperate for energy, I decided to spend the extra money and I have never been happier! Within the first day, I started feeling more energized and awake. Since I only need 2400 mg, I use a pill cutter to simply break the tablet in half. I use this as my coffee to wake up in the morning! Great Product!

  • Scott B. Macdonald - This board ate my dog

    The happenings after buying a Oiuja board are indeed evil. The first thing that happened when I opened the box, was a paper-cut. Sure...harmless, right? Hardly. A drop of blood hit the board, and it started snapping open and closed, while a vortex appeared at its center. In a futile attempt to ward off this evil, my terrier attacked the board and was consumed in its spiral-like vortex. Wiggles is gone forever I has been four months. In addition to this, for some reason, every morning at 7, a Jehovah's Witness appears on my porch with booklets. After she leaves, two lifeless Chinese girls materialize on the porch holding a remote control.

  • Roberta M. King - Disappointed

    I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing this product. The CD's aren't labeled, so you have no idea what is on each CD until you listen to it. I bought this set to listen to in my car, since I spend a lot of time commuting from school and work. The second thing that really disappointed me was that the first CD told me that the review was from 2009 and 2010 NCLEX information from the NCSBN, which for 2015 is not the most current test from Pearson Vue. The ONLY reason I am keeping this set is because this was the only audio set that I could find, and I assume its not useless information. I graduate in 3 weeks, hope to take the NCLEX soon, and don't have time to keep searching for audio material.

  • Craig S. Teets - The best champagne book out there!

    This a the definitive guide to of the top champagne houses and most of the artisnal growers. This author is not biased against growers as Tom Stevenson is and I think thats good for the consumer who wants the best bang for there buck. The amount of current information in this book is great. If you're looking for older bottle information then you should look elsewhere as this book only pertains to whats in the current market. Some of his ratings of grower champagnes houses seem a little puzzling ( Selosse 8 out 10 ), but thats just his opinion I guess.

  • ShaSeli - Just as good the second time around

    In Missy Carter Roi Majors has met his match. Whle Missy appears to be a docile techie, she is actually a well trained operative. We learn a lot in this book about the teams and the women from the Asia project. Lots of action and adventure throughout the book. Well written and very entertaining to read.

  • K. Miller - Bad Intuit ... Bad

    I agree with other reviewers who advocate the trial first. THis is what I learned as a owner of quickbooks 2006 for Windows (yes 5 years old and still way better).