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  • Ryan - Great bag

    I travel pretty regularly for work and need to bring my laptop with me. I bought this bag to replace my backpack for lugging around my laptop and other electronics.

  • Lonewolf57 - 18 months,4,000 miles later

    1996 Chevy Van,4.3I engine,148,000 miles.Engine running rough,dirty air bubbles coming up through the radiator overflow/surge tank(from exhaust gases,leaky head gasket),white smoke from exhaust,temp gauge going to red.I followed the instructions to a tee.Removed thermostat,flushed system with a coolant flush kit,added plain water to a cold engine,started engine and slowly poured Blue Devil in the radiator.Let sit and run for over a hour.Results were amazing and as promised.No more rough idle or white smoke,temp gauge at normal.I took it for a 45 minute test drive and couldn't have been happier.I let 'er sit overnight and next day drained water/blue devil mix.Re-installed thermostat/new gasket and replaced with new anti-freeze/coolant.I also replaced all the spark plugs.No more dirty air bubbles in the surge tank! She's been running like a charm ever since.Summer and Winter,this product has done what it promised.I've driven all over the upper Midwest for the last year and a half(4,000 miles)and haven't had any issues with this vans cooling system since this procedure.I paid $70 locally,Amazon has a better price on this product for sure.

  • Spunky 1 - A must have!

    I read previous comments and debated on getting this one when I had a 2013 Ed. However, bad claims that other made I find mostly untrue. The quality of paper is not about the thickness, it's the same as before, but the ink will smudge if you sweat, have a cream on... I underlined text with G Pilot coloured pens and with regular black/blue pens and it doesn't show on the other side. The feel of the paper is the same. The flow is much better compared to previous Editions and pictures are nicer. You will find certain change in organization of the material, ie stuff you saw under behavioural science may now be under neurology, so no they didn't miss it. They also follow UWorld question when it comes to newer drugs. Overall, I am very happy for getting this Edition.

  • jrbryant - Fits GREAT... installs easily... HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    I have a 2015 GMC Terrain and this cargo security cover fits perfectly and does an excellent job. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cargo cover for their 15 Terrain. Installation took less than 1 minute. It took longer getting it out of the box than it did to install. Retracts easily and quickly for when I need to have full access to the cargo area.