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  • looksee - loyalty to justice and reciprocate love for the ones who love him

    Billy Bob Thorton's performance is personal and engaging. The "down but not out" lawyer with a soft spot for life's misfortunate players, be they human or canine, loyalty to justice and reciprocate love for the ones who love him, is human and real. We are drawn to his tenacity and self aware frailties that never undermine his sense of purpose as a lawyer, father, and lover. The plot, production and supporting cast all deliver an interesting and entertaining adult 21st Century story that pits the mighty against the righteous as the title suggests. We need more of this kind of quality drama

  • Cynthia D McPeters - Glad to have it back

    Had been using an older version of Quicken, but when my desktop CPU fried, it was time to upgrade. This version is similar enough that I began using it easily and love having my computerized checkbook again. Quicken enables me to identify how I'm spending money and to keep up with my accounts quickly and easily. I'm struggling a bit with trying to manage the save feature, because the program seems to want to create a new data file each time I save, yet there's an automatic save feature. I need to investigate this further. Love my Quicken!

  • Ricky Kimsey - Stories With Meaning

    This edition of Aesop's Fables is a collection of short stories about greed,laziness,lying and other moral issues.

  • PhotoPilot - Makes things better, simpler, faster!

    Love it! It works great and makes doing my taxes better, simpler, and faster! Easy install, updates, and e-file submissions. I had no problems with it. Loved the fact that it had imported my last years return and had a lot of my data already filled out.

  • Jerry - My favorite ball

    Has always worked best for me with my less than 105 mph swing speed, however I am looking forward to trying the 2014 model.