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  • Cherie J. Hepburn - Good product

    Isagenix is not bad and I've used their products for a few years. However, common sense needed before using any product or program. If you do a cleans for nine days on anything, you will lose weight, it will come back when you resume your normal habits. People must eat to survive. The consumption of the right foods throughout the day with even moderate exercise will result in weight lose, you just need to find out what the right foods are for you. Isagenix comes in handy when real food is not available or inappropriate for the situation, like in the middle of a meeting.

  • Judy - Had to return it.

    Might be good for soft toenails, but older nails are no longer soft, even after soaking. They're tougher than this gadget can handle. AND it cannot get into the corners of fingernails, down to the "hangnail stage". If I wore my nails in the "straight-across" style, it would work very well, but I still

  • cardmaker - coolant leak

    I put this into my car as soon as I received it and it appears to be working. I need a little more time to be sure.

  • Cary - Not a fan

    Well, it's organic. That's about the nicest thing I can say about it. The foam goes nowhere and leaves my three year old's hair so greasy looking. Also, it has a light but odd orange smell to it in the bottle. I could deal with that, even though it's not a delicious fruity smell, more like a light spicy orange smell, but on her hair - oh my. I honestly thought my husband forgot to wash her hair the first time because it smelled like it still had spit up from my newborn on her. But several washes later, I now know that's just the smell. As one other reviewer put it, it smells like vomit. Not horribly gross vomit, really, but baby vomit/spit-up if that makes you feel better. I won't be buying it again.

  • Jason Ko - So far, so good

    Jacket works well keeping the rain out. Don't agree with some saying it runs small. I ordered a small and it fits like a small. If this helps, Marmot small = Gap small = H&M medium