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  • Jen Greyson - Another great book by Amy!!

    Another Amy Jarecki home run. I love her books. The writing makes me feel like I'm there and I'm always so devastated when the book ends. Wonderful. Fabulous. Exceptional.

  • Amazon Customer - Too short for 8.5ft ceiling

    I have 8.5 ft ceilings but my hood only came with 2 - 15" sections of chimney, totalling less than 3 feet. My hood is installed 28 inches above my stove which leaves me with about 15" of chimney-less space. Will someone please explain how this could possibly touch an 8 ft ceiling?

  • Greg Rogers - I have been reading the BASS series since 2010 and usually enjoy about half of the pieces

    One of the most solid offerings in years. I have been reading the BASS series since 2010 and usually enjoy about half of the pieces. The editor said these stories would surprise readers and they almost all surely do! A good mix of styles and topics as well.

  • country girl - Will not be using Quickbooks Pro in the future

    We recently upgraded our Quickbooks Pro to the 2011 version. This version is nothing like the older version of Quickbooks Pro which was very user friendly. It is extremely difficult to figure out, even using the "help" drop down menu. Intuit changed nearly every feature. Intuit wants to sell you tech support for additional fees. We never needed tech support with the older version. My advice to other business owners....don't buy Quickbooks Pro 2011. One other tip if you've already purchased Quickbooks Pro~with this purchase you are entitled to an entire hour of tech support for free. But, Intuit wants you to register Quickbooks and during registration will encourage you to talk with tech support even if you just have one 10 minute question. Since the free tech support is a one time only service up to one hour which Intuit did not advise us of at the time of registration I would encourage you to decline tech support until you've used Quickbooks a little while and have a list of questions (and you will) so you can get the one hour of tech support you are entitled to because Intuit will not volunteer that if you waste the one hour of tech support you are entitled to on one ten minute question that is all the free tech support you will get.

  • Tyler - Easy to use, no frills, great price point

    This pump creates an excellent seal and extends the life of opened wine to ~5-6 days for me. It works by removing oxygen which prevents wine from deteriorating into vinegar. As you pump, you know that enough air has been removed when it makes a clicking noise. After that, I can literally pick up a nearly full wine bottle by the rubber cork due to the suction (don't recommend this!). To remove the suction you just push the flexible rubber "nose" of the stopper to the side and you will hear the seal release. This is a no frills, simple way to extend the life of your opened wine. If you are looking for a fancy electric device to show-off to your wine connoisseur friends then I would look elsewhere.

  • Kindle MomLKS - PlantFusion Diet Supplement, Natural Unflavored, 1 Pound

    First I like the protein powder. I did in fact use all of it and it was good for me a filler during those times when I needed a liquid lunch or snack.

  • Christine Angelini - Nice Shine, some plump

    The product goes on easily, tingles slightly and does plump up the lips ever so slightly. I like it for its shine.