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  • kurleedaddee - Very happy with the quality of the paint

    Used this paint on my Honda Civic wheels. Sanded them down and put 2 thick coats of this paint on them. Very happy with the quality of the paint.

  • Jennifer Byrd - Buy with Confidence

    Charger works perfectly well. Excellent high power and free one power socket.A longer cable when at work and this is perfect.

  • Beauty and Healing - Definitely can feel a positive difference

    All I can say is thank goodness for this product.My symptoms hit like a sledge hammer. Almost overnight I had chin hair, restless sleep, hot flashes and overwhelming stress. While some people go through hormonal changes gently, there are those of us who crash badly. Soy isoflavones and black cohosh saved my life. While these herbs may not be the entire solution, they got me through a VERY difficult time. Eventually I started bio-identical hormone treatment, but at very low levels for safety reasons. This product is the little extra push that my body needs to really feel right. While it doesn't have a strong enough dosage of herbs for the worst symptoms, it is perfect for complimenting other solutions such as bio-identicals, exercise and diet. I've studied herbal remedies for many years, so I was excited to receive a complementary bottle for review. Besides the soy and cohosh this formula contains damiana, pomegranate, don quai and shatavari. While this product can't do everything, the difference it makes is quite noticeable if you are a hormone sufferer.

  • over the age of youth - Worked fine. No problem installing 'em except that I noticed ...

    Worked fine. No problem installing 'em except that I noticed the blades were the way to tell which was which for what. I had them backwards. lol Since the blades ARE of different sizes, it's kinda hard to wire 'em up incorrectly.