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  • Ronnie W. - So far so good, light came on for emission control

    So far so good, light came on for emission control, had AutoZone scan for free and reported catalytic converter operating less then 95% efficient. Instantly bought this and followed the directions. By time I got to half a tank of gas after filling up light was off. Driving high speed on highway is key to it working. This won't fix a bad catalytic converter but will help clean and keep a good one going. I'll update review if something changes.

  • Gene Cloner - Awesome golf balls; helped improve my game quite a bit.

    I am a below average golfer and the Callaway warbird balls are one of the legal ones that have really helped my game! These balls give you good distance on most hits and my slice is generally much diminished when using these balls.

  • Katarzyna - Dell! sell Alienware back to a competent company!!!

    upon receiving i went through several ordeals to actually play the games i owned. one being the creation of a bootable drive with windows 10 ( note many steam games are not supported by the default steamOS that comes installed ). Next was the "5 flashing yellow lights problem which i myself have to fix manually. Im not sure if its a latent heating issue ore a design flaw that causes this to happen after the system is shut down and booted up while its still warm. after all the research i did about this product i cant say too many favorable things but i can say this, when it does work now that i have that windows 10 bootable i can play many of the games i have purchased on steam at very much the maximum graphics settings ( with the aid of the Nvidia Experience driver updater). i guess in closing Dell and Alienware did not seem to communicate the issues upon releasing and has since then failed to fix it in the post Alpha series so if you intend on buying you should be prepared to do one or both of the aforementioned proceedures. Good luck!