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  • ktmonster - Lots of Dedication

    My entire office did the 30 day cleanse together. I don't think I would have been able to stick with it without the group support. I was about 30 pounds above my ideal weight and lost 15 pounds and 22 inches after 30 days. Honestly, I didn't stick to the diet perfectly (had the occasional glass of wine or vodka and soda), so if I had, I probably would have lost even more. Once you get around the idea that you are not eating food three times per day, it is really easy to follow. It is a lifestyle change to be sure, but is more mental than physical. I don't eat a lot of sugar to begin with, so I didn't have the headache and fatigue some of my co-workers experienced. The cleanse days are quite easy, as they have you eating, drinking, etc. something every hour or so. I didn't eat any of the bars or snacks because I don't like sweets at all. Instead of the bars, I had a hard boiled egg or some celery. That worked fine. We just started a second 30 days to knock off those holiday pounds, this time I only ordered the items I like to use (no bars or snacks, just the shakes and cleanse for life). It is a great program if you are not self-motivated to cut calories (like me) and it is easy to follow and easy to plan meals. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a jump start to help portion control and healthier diet.

  • HBDave - Run Don't Walk From This Product

    I originally purchase Acronis True Image 2009 a year ago. I lived with all of its bugs up until the last release. I was moving to Windows 7 and determined that Acronis was not going to update True Image 2009 to be compatible and that you were forced to upgrade to True Image 2010. I went ahead and downloaded the True Image 2010 Trial Version. After uninstalling True Image 2009 and installing True Image 2010 I created the Recovery CD. As always the first thing to verify was if the Recovery CD would boot and see all of my drives, etc. I have a RAID 1 configuration and it always worked fine with True Image 2009. When I booted to the True Image 2010 Recovery CD it saw my RAID Volume as two drives versus one logical. I knew this was wrong, so I rebooted from my hard drive. What I got next was that the BCD was corrupted and I was unable to reboot. Fortunately I had a backup image and still had and could use the True Image 2009 Recovery CD. If I didn't have a backup and own the prior version I would have been in big trouble. I was able to recreate this problem multiple times and tried to work with Acronis through their chat line. They never would admit it was a problem and they were reluctant to do anything even thou the problem has been reported numerous times. It appears that their new product has lots of bugs and can be destructive to your system. I would look at alternative products. I'm currently using ShadowProtect by Storage Craft and couldn't be happier.

  • Dave 48 - The Saga of the Countertop...

    Beware...this project is for artisans. I am used to doing things perfectly, and this countertop project is a serious challenge. You can see where I started and where I finished, as the quality improves exponentially with experience (from one area of the kitchen to the other!). This kit is not like the cabinet transformations...any idiot can do the cabinet transformations...this is another ball of wax. With the cabinets, the final coat glossing is the tricky part. Not so with the countertop kit...the base coat is the challenge...and the sanding too. You actually have quite some time with the sealant here and you can take your time somewhat. Also, PURCHASE AN ELECTRIC CIRCULAR SANDER to avoid early-onset osteoarthritis. The most important advice on the DVD is to "lay it on thick"...the base coat that is. Would I attempt to do this project again? Maybe's just too difficult, and at the end I felt I couldn't really produce a perfect result...I'm too picky and self-critical. Cabinets yes, countertop no. The one big complaint I have about the instructions is that it does not explain how to merge areas of long countertop. You have to use painter's tape and create a straight edge and then....oh, hell, you figure it out. I did and made mistakes. You can't do this project without beer. Two people don't really make it easier just causes a divorce. Tell the wife to get out of the house and go to the mall (but take her credit card). The good thing is that now I am an expert...but I no longer have use for this rare skill. Also, make sure your kit is fresh...mine probably sat around a warehouse for months and the base coat got like a gel...just another unplanned disaster. And you will go through multiple kits to do your one project. You need more than the recommended number of kits. And ONE diamond sander? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Life is short...don't start this silly project. Just rip out your old tacky countertops, split them up with an axe and burn them. It's always fun to burn crap. Now that's satisfaction. And don't watch "Househunters" just proves that wives and girlfriends want everything perfect in their new house, especially a photogenic kitchen...regardless of their ability to cook! Men, don't be duped into cooking by your wife or girlfriend...they are supposed to cook! We are supposed to mow the lawn and watch football.

  • Susan Wike - Good Stuff

    I like all Maty's product and feel good about using them. I like the nasal ointment, but prefer Olbus oil, because it has a more immediate effect on congestion and breathing.

  • Amazon Customer - This is the best keyboard I have ever owned

    This is the best keyboard I have ever owned. Period. It's really not hard to say that. I was considering this or the Corsair K90 and when comparing the two in person, I really enjoy the feel of Razer's custom mechanicals compared to the Cherry Reds in the K90. The lighting and effects are by far superior. And it's just an awesome all around product with the added support of Razers Software to map keystrokes and change the lighting effects. The customizability of the lighting effects is amazing, it'll keep you busy for a while.

  • Steve Holmes - It Did Not Work For Me

    At a somewhat regular dosage of 2 to 4 per day (2 morning + 2 evening) it did not work at all for me. So if you take the maximum amount of 12 per day, as recommended, the bottle would last only about 8 days. Meaning, you would have to purchase 4 bottles to last one month. And that would be extremely expensive, at $68 per month. It would be better to just eat more fiber; especially since it did absolutely nothing at a lower dosage rate.