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  • Jon E. Hutcherson - Really good little camera

    This is a wonderful camera, but I should have done a little more research before buying it. I'm using it partially to take photos for use with social media at work. Unfortunately, this camera only takes still shots at ISO 100, while a lot of the shots I need involve at least some action, which requires a higher shutter speed. Being relatively new to photography, I neglected to keep this in mind. As such, this camera isn't (quite) what I was looking for. Because the mistake is mine, and not that of the camera, manufacturer, or vendor, I'm still giving it 4 stars

  • Et Cetera - Night vs Day

    I have primarily been taking the nighttime half of the pair, and it's been a wild ride - *very* vivid and intense dreams, and, according to my heart rate monitor, a marked improvement in the deep vs restless sleep portions of my nights. Coming back from a vacation that seriously disrupted my sleep schedule, this has been a big help in getting me back on track with my usual routine, as well as recovering from the sleep debt/jetlag double whammy.


    This book is not for the casual reader. It is a slow read and I have not finished it. In fact, I will need to read it again to comrehend all Tom Horn is trying to open to us. It reveals history and connects the dots to behind the scenes current events that boggle the mind. I cannot wait to finish it and then start over.

  • TC Moreland - Awakening (Telindell Book 1)

    This book is well written and fast paced and not a dull moment. The characters of the story come together wonderfully. I'm looking forward to the next book.

  • Darby - Save your money

    Waste of money. It isn't worth the $200. I have trouble with the roller stopping, so I'm constantly having to stop and restart it. This was a problem from the very first day. I purchased it because of the glowing reviews. I'm so sorry I did.