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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • AmazonBuyer12 - Disappointed

    The packaging claims you should use this in "unlived" spaces, like the attic or whatever, and now I know why...because if you're not in the room, you won't notice that this item does NOT work. I saw the mouse run directly to the corner where I had this item placed. It didn't bother the mouse one bit never mind "repel" it. This did absolutely nothing to repel a mouse. save your money and buy traps instead.

  • spikedlatte - The cable that will change the world

    This is _the_ cable that the blue people in Avatar had in their hair to connect with other souls and spirits. So if you want super magical powers that will let you jump over buildings, trees, please do yourself a favor and order these cables. Possible side effects include a blue tan.

  • Kelly McCabe - Thank you!

    So this item originally arrived broken in half :(. I didn't think the replacement would come in time for Christmas...but it did! I received the star just 2 days after I filed the claim. The star looks amazing and I truly thank you for the quick action! :)

  • BigCorn - Works Great

    I used this product in my cracked radiator and it has completely stopped the leak. I would not use for a permanent fix but it will hold me until the radiator that I ordered is delivered

  • Amazon Customer - Middle of the road

    I have mixed feelings about this item. First of all, it's not exactly a pocket knife--in fact, I had to have my trousers altered to accommodate it. Secondly, as you might expect it's quite heavy. I had it in my possession during my ill-fated attempt to re-create the Kon-Tiki expedition using a craft constructed entirely out of non-GMO tubers, when the sweet potato section of the hull failed, capsizing the boat. While I'm an excellent swimmer (see my successful backstroke crossing of the Ganges), the weight of this implement dragged me down to Davy Jone's locker. Surely I would have perished if not for being swallowed by a gigantic whale. In the belly of the beast I met an old Italian man and his strange wooden boy (I swear--if only the knife had a camera to document the encounter!) who told me the whale's name was "Monstro". I wasn't there long before it became apparent from its constant moaning that the creature was in great discomfort. Making my way up its gullet, I discovered the source of its pain: One of its incisors (or bicuspids--hell, I'm not a marine dentist!) was infected. I personally have had 5 root canal procedures (I blame poor genetics and an addiction to candy corn) so I knew what had to be done. Using the knife's chisel-point reamer and my internet acupuncture training, I deadened the tooth's nerves. Then I drilled through the enamel using the hook dis-gorger and divot repair tool. Finally, I cleaned out the infected root with the shortix laboratory key and round needle file. I filled the abscess with an amalgam of metals found in the belly (a cannon ball, a license plate, what appeared to be a lady's compact) and smoothed it with the knife's chain rivet setter. Success! In minutes the whale became animatedly pleased; so much so it began singing! During a particularly hearty aria, the three of us castaways took the opportunity to escape. Holding onto the wooden boy's long nose we floated to the surface and bobbed about. Fortunately, we were near enough to an international shipping lane that I was able to signal a passing freighter with the knife's laser pointer.

  • amazon user - 15 and losing hair...

    I am only 15 and already have bald spots and substantial hair loss. I've used everything for hair loss, but nothing seems to work. I ordered this and used it today. On the first use, I have no complaints about how soft it leaves my hair. It's not too harsh and it cleans thoroughly. The shampoo was thick, but I mixed it with a little water to evenly distribute it among my hair. I also bought the conditioner and new hair growth treatment. The conditioner makes more hair fall out then I would like, but I'm hoping that's just a stage. It also leaves my hair soft. The new hair growth treatment is almost like an oil, or it probably is oil. But oil is good. These products were really expensive! Let's HOPE they work.