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  • David L. - Classic sunglasses at a great price!

    These replace the Ray-Ban Aviators I bought in 1990, but were damaged beyond repair when I accidentally stepped on them a couple of years ago. At that tine, I was unwilling to pay the price to replace them, so I bought counterfeit Ray-Bans instead. The counterfeit glasses looked pretty good until I dropped them, and the glass shattered. I'm glad that didn't happen when I was wearing them! Genuine Ray-Ban glass is shatterproof.

  • Joanne Cook - Hopeful.

    I am running a new windows 10 computer. 1st one that came would not install and got error messages. Sent it back and got a replacement today. took about 1 hour to begin to install. And a total of 1 1/2 hour to complete. Hope it continues to work as I have had the program for years and like it.

  • Jessica Miller-Merrell - Wanting More from this book. . .

    I received this book from the publisher at request to review the book. As an HR professional with more than 10 years of experience in the industry I was looking forward to reading it. I was left a little disappointed. I think on the surface this a good book with some good resources for the entry level HR professional and manager who is really looking to learn about how to write a proper performance review. Most (managers) aren't willing to give the time which is very sad because the review process is a great way to build on communication and provide your employees with clear directives and understanding about what really is expected.

  • Jeremy Osguthorpe - My childhood was taken away from me.

    I wanted to like this movie. I really did. I loved the originals and grew up watching the cartoon and had the action figures. At one point as a little kid I said I wanted to be a ghostbuster when I grew up, Admittedly I was hoping to relive my childhood all over again and had lofty expectations when I heard of a new movie. But then I saw the preview and was skeptical. "The power of pain compels you?" Really? And then against my better judgement I broke down and rented it. A let down on so many levels. The humor wasn't funny and was either just awkward or what you would expect on a B-side movie, the characters were all forgettable with no real on screen chemistry, a rehash of the same plot as the original, etc. Just don't even waste your time.

  • Amazon Customer - Nice little case

    This is a really nice case. I love the texture of the outer shell. I like when cases cover up the apple icon, so if you're like me then that's a plus. The only thing I don't like is the volume buttons and the screen lock button. They are kind of an eyesore with the background of the black case. It makes it look a little tacky. The buttons for the volume are slightly uneven and stick out a little further than I'd like. But overall, a really good case. They just need to fix the buttons, a very minor complaint.