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  • Lori - HP Monitor

    OMG. This monitor is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. This is the most clear monitor I ever had and it works fantastic. Sound, every is great with this monitor. Not like a tunnel sound, but real sound. The picture quality for this monitor surpassed my expectations. Very light, easy to put base on and ready to plug & play. Adjust colors when you first get otherwise, it will be bright.

  • peechareno - Different than older model I had!

    Can't really say it's anything like the older one my husband owned that I shaved my legs with - the speed was much faster in yesteryear tho' not the same model, granted. The older razor body was much more substantial, and I purchased this one for a backup to my blade razor primarily. It shaved very close - once I got over the difference in speed, and yes, the cord is pretty short, but I can't stand the charging razors, so it was the better alternative there. Already returned a Lady Remington last week and a Remington trimming electric as well - they were totally useless! This is definitely better. My hair is very fine, so I don't know what it would do with a man's heavier beard, but it's worth a try with their return guarantee. All in all am satisfied with how it shaved my legs, and again, it was a close shave which was what I like for touchups with convenience. Inexpensive too - and it is great to have it around now that I've come to terms with it! Less abrasive than the older one too - again, model differences? I think I will become used to it and be glad I bought it. They really have changed things in this Disposable Item Age, that's however a given!!

  • J.Wolverine - Just ok,not great. Nothing special about this bat for an expensive price tag.

    Reviews previously stated how this bat had great pop. Ehh, it was ok. Our team has at least 5 bats way better, but it's just ok. I'm not really happy, but it doesn't suck, it's just ok.

  • Terra K - Love this game!!!

    As a mom I struggle constantly to make sure my kids are active for their health. My daughter 12 and son 6 love this game and I enjoy simply sitting and watching them. In fact, I often ask my daughter to play because I love watching and listening to the music. I sometimes join but usually just watch my kids enjoy it. !!!!

  • Reasonable Mike - Great Quality Grass Seed

    Far better than the grass seed you can obtain through your local garden center. After many years of using other seed with mixed results, I'm glad I found this brand. Even in shady areas that have been problematic I now have quality grass. One thing to mention, don't spend your money on this if you don't plan to regularly fertilize and, where necessary, water. TurfTrust and Ringer are both excellent.

  • Stephanie - The Revolution has begun!!!!

    Kaz Fabian. Guitarist for the world famous band The Resistance. Mysterious, sexy, romantic, protective, charming, swoon worthy, sweet…hero.

  • D. Langhorne - Great Vacuum for the price

    My previous vacuum cleaner was a dyson animal and I really loved that vacuum cleaner, however it is now 8 years old and has had to survive 2 teenagers who used it to suck up anything they could rather than bend over to pick up, which included items too large to fit as well as food. Anyway, my dyson was getting tired, smelly and finally the motor went on it, so it was time to buy a new vacuum.