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  • Terry Thompson - Natural Woman Progesterone Cream

    I have used Natural Woman in the past but lost my supplier (homeopath) due to retirement. After using bio identical hormones for the past 2 1/2 years, I thought it would be better for me just to use the Natural Woman progesterone rather than the overdose of progesterone (in capsule form) that my "natureopath was prescribing. So......I found my cream on Amazon.com where I shop quite regularly. But.......when I received the jar of cream, the lid was a little loose (?) then I found the inside seal was off and had a little hole in it!!!! I don't understand how that could happen inside the jar so I am not going to use it.:( I am again looking for a supplier (out my $30.00 plus shipping) for my cream. It is an excellent product; I just need to find a new source!!!

  • J. Stern - Probably can help a little but...

    it helps a little. There are more powerful devices you can get for the same money - Lazerfish comes to mind.