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  • Professionals - Cingal - Cingal™ combines the early benefits of a corticosteroid with the lubricating effect of hyaluronic acid (HA) for relief of pain from osteoarthritis of the knee.

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  • Julia Brandt - "Fastest shoes"

    These are great shoes! For the price, I do hope they last! My son is obsessed with them! He has a high arch and wide feet.

  • A. Marklin - FAIL: Poor design, poor product, poor support, poor manuals, expensive

    We're forced to use this product for our dealings with Insurance companies, otherwise I would definitely use something else. This may be the market leader, but I'm sure that's becuase of inertia--once you have your data in TS, you're NOT getting it out to export to another product, forcing you to stay with their junk.

  • henry - i don't normally write reviews but,,,,,,,,

    i don't normally write reviews but, i was losing 3 inches of water in my pool a day, yes a day. i was not able to find the leak using dyes. 3 inches a day is a lot of water and all that went thru my mind was a backhoe, busting concrete and redoing concrete$$$ so for about 30 bucks, what the hell, right? i used one bottle 32oz and followed the directions exactly. in two days i could tell i was losing less water. i was running water in the pool at a consistent rate of 90 minutes a day. after the first bottle it was less than 60 minutes a day. i was impressed and on the morning of day 4 i used another bottle 32oz. 2 days later, i am adding ZERO water, none, nada! i turned the pool off and let it cure as per the instructions. 5 days later i am still not having to add water. like i said i do not know where the leak was but try this product before you spend a lot of money. it rates a 6 ! oh by the way my water bill was $90 vs $30 so i really got it free, ha

  • Jamie - Very handy!

    I ordered this book as a companion for an upcoming cross country trip. It has every restaurant, hotel and gas station listed at each exit. We have no idea where we will be each night as we are going in February and the weather is certainly a factor and will determine our route. Now we will be able to plan our meals and coffee breaks and find (and make reservations) at hotels along the way. I usually use my GPS to help find food and lodging but the GPS finds all close by restaurants and hotels, even those that we have already passed or are far off the road we are traveling on. It will be nice to look at a book that tells what is coming up not what we have left behind. It will be especially helpful for us to be able to plan in advance when we are traveling where there are very few exits.

  • Anna - Was concerned that it wasn't going to work like the last time I ordered charging cords

    Was concerned that it wasn't going to work like the last time I ordered charging cords, but they work! I keep one in my car and one in my office, and they are life savers