Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) - CIMA is a physician-owned Internal Medicine practice that offers cost effective primary medical care and health education services, as well as a wide array of diagnostic testing.

  • A New Beginning, OBGYN - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) A New Beginning, Obstetrics and Gynecology, is dedicated to the medical needs of women of all ages, including gynecological exams, contraceptive counseling, menopause management, etc. There are also in-office ultrasounds and mammograms offered.
  • CIMA Aesthetics - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Aesthetics offers skin treatments and products to help with many skin conditions. Our services include acid peels, Botox, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, etc.
  • CIMA Breast Center - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Breast Center is equipped with the latest technology in Full Field Digital Mammography and Computer Aided Detection. Ultrasound services are also available.
  • CIMA Family Practice - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Family Practice provides primary care services to patients age 5 and up. We offer Osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, immunizations, annual/sports physicals, etc.
  • CIMA Heart Institute - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Heart Institute and Testing Center offers invasive and nuclear cardiology services, including Stress Tests, Echocardiograms, ECP therapy, etc. Ultrasound services are also offered.
  • CIMA Main Office - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) is a physician-owned Internal Medicine practice that offers cost effective primary medical care and health education services, as well as a wide array of diagnostic testing.
  • CIMA Specialty Clinic - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Specialty Clinic specializes in pulmonary services: PFT, lung volume studies, and patient education for chronic lung disease
  • Haslett Primary Care - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Haslett Primary Care specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases and primary care to patients of all ages, including Immunizations and Preventive care
  • Kozmic Family Practice - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Kozmic Family Practice provides primary care to all ages. We specialize in Osteopathic Manipulation, Acupuncture, Sports Medicine and minor in-office surgical procedures.
  • Mason Internal Medicine - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Mason Internal Medicine offers primary care and Internal Medicine services. We also offer EKG’s, annual/sports physicals and an onsite laboratory.
  • Williamston Primary Care - Capital Internal Medicine Associates (CIMA) Williamston Primary Care offers care for family members of all ages, in times of illness and injury or for preventive screenings. We also offer x-rays and an onsite laboratory.

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  • Richard B - Great Value

    I use this speaker in my garage/gym. It has plenty of volume with little or no distortion, and fills the garage with great mid-range sound. It is light on bass, but the sound cuts through all the external noise from the street.

  • Allen Gallaher - The Elements of Style

    I write reports on the work I do, and this is a succinct and informative guide to help me write more clearly.

  • b.a.rolison - great fit & lightweight

    Got these for my hubby and he loves them! He says they fit great. He likes that they are lightweight

  • Eva Cox's love child - Conservative parents can be awful too

    I was the child of a traditional family. Dad served in WW2 and Mum served Dad. Cory Bernardi would think we were tops. Unfortunately Dad was a tyrant and Mum was withdrawn and defeated and had no options whatsoever for a different life. One brother grew up a hateful version of his father and the other just faded into uselessness. Mum had limited education and no skills by which to support herself - so divorce for her was a practical impossibility. So she stuck it out for 35 long awful years. So Cory you can dream for your idealised past as much as you want - but the only way you are going to get it - will be to withdraw education and legal rights from women - and I tell you now - WE ARE NEVER GOING TO LET YOU DO THAT.

  • akaLOVED - Really neat carrier, love how compact it becomes when not in use.

    This is a very unique pet carrier. I've never seen anything like it before and was attracted to it because of the collapsible feature. It is super lightweight and does fold down flat, allowing for minimal storage space needs. I can tuck it away in my linen closet and not worry about it taking up any space. I found it a bit challenging to assemble, not because it didn't make sense but because I could have used some instructions with tips on assembly. It was a bit tricky to line up the zippers so that you can attach the sides/middle to the top and bottom. This carrier does have superior ventilation, but I was a bit let down that the "waterproof hard top and bottom" is actually covered in some kind of fabric, the same as the sides. So, while it may prevent spills/accidents from seeping through the top or bottom, I feel like it's something that could stain easily. Since there aren't any included instructions, it isn't clear how you're expected to clean this carrier. I do like that it comes with a fleece pad that lines the bottom for soft coziness and protection. The carrier is an ideal size for my 3.5 lb puppy, but it may not fit him at his full-grown size, not because of height and width but because of length. My puppy wasn't scared to go inside this carrier, which was a big plus for me. I think the concept of this carrier is amazing, but I think the material used could use a bit of improvement for durability. I'm afraid to set it on the ground because I don't want to get it dirty or scuff up the material.

  • Smokey888x2 - AwokeMe ... the book blasted off the pages to me

    If your not Catholic, understand that Medjugorje is church neutral. The Catholic Church neither denies it or affirms it. I'm Catholic and I had read many of those words from Medjugorje over the years. While I admired the story, I probably believed the story as I had followed Fatima when I was younger; but I had read many of the Medjugorje announcements and they had just gone over my head or they didn't mean much. I just never knew what to think about it. Then I read the first 30 or so pages of TFtFS2012 - WOW. Those words of Mary arose from the dead and covered me with their truths. It was both revealing and scary too. What a well written book.