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  • M. McClain - Holy cow!!! It really works

    I used this to restore all of the oak cabinets in my house. Our house was built in 1988 and had fairly upscale Merilat cabinets that were just worn and faded. In the bathrooms, we had a lot of hzings, greying, and checking.

  • Christopher Stephens - its like a VIRUS itself

    I bought a new computer and thought it came with antivirus installed. I was wrong so I bought webroot. though I don't seem to have gotten any new viruses so far, It was unable to "clean up" the existing viruses and I had to take it into the shop to get that taken care of. It also adds a desktop icon EVERY single time the computer starts up. I clicked that I didn't want a desktop icon, I delete it every time, yet every time there it is again... its like a VIRUS itself!!! Gah!

  • Jeremy Colton - Supplement to, not substitute for c-pap

    Because they're made of stretchy stuff they wear out... which is ok, I just buy more. A chin strap was recommended by my MD and it's cheaper and easier to buy these than to order them through the c-pap supply house

  • Amazon Customer - Worked great!

    Sounds like everyone on here calling it a scam just had no idea what they were doing. Follow the directions carefully and there will be no problems. If you've ever played sports, you've formed a mouthpiece. Forming the trays is the same process, DON'T GET THEM TOO HOT, or you will ruin them. The directions perfectly explain how to heat and form them properly. The included led light is made to be held against your teeth with your lips easily. Also, immediately after using the trays each time, I did notice just a bit of sensitivity in my lower teeth, (much less than I ever had with White Strips) and did see a few white spots on my teeth. However, both the spots and sensitivity disappeared in a matter of hours. I used this product for 10 straight days until I ran out of gel, and I an extremely pleased with the results! According to the included tooth shade guide, I went from an 8 out of 20 to a 2. This was a gift from my mom who is a dental hygienist, and as pleased as I was with it, I would never pay $300 for it. But if you can find it cheaper than White Strips, I highly recommend it!