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  • Candy L. Griffin - Norton Antivirus 2013

    I would never be without Norton Antivirus installed on my computer. It has stopped destructive viruses that even my network provider had not stopped and the staff knew nothing about. After calling them about the numerous attacks all stopped by Norton, the providers server finally stopped these attacks, but Norton was there first.

  • No One - Great headset in terms of comfort...

    Great headset in terms of comfort but no way to click on screen to navigate. Need to open it up to select things. Also, hard to calibrate with cardboard since no qr code was provided, I tried a couple different ones but the calibration wasn't quite right. But in terms of comfort and focal settings, this was excellent.

  • Rosh - Wow! Excellent product! Huge difference!

    I am just thinning a bit at the crown...not too bad. If you are really fully bald, this probably won't give you the best results. This product just looks SO REAL, that even I am convinced that I never lost any hair back there. That said, there are a few cautions: First, if you use this you'll need to try a few shades possibly, to get the exact right match, and check those under full sun, florescent lights, etc. A little darker shade for dark hair works well however. Secondly, I suggest using the mist spray after you put this on, to decrease the staining of your collars. This keeps your pillows and shirts cleaner in the long run. Third, If you swim or shower, this will wash out easily...which is good and bad. I would suggest that you will need or want to rinse your hair before bed, to allow the scalp to breath and keep your bedding cleaner. But, even when some of this rubs off onto clothes or sheets, it basically brushes right off. If you leave the residue on a collar too long, and combine that with sweating or moisture, the stain will set into the cloth.

  • Doug B. Vlaming, Jr. - Works great

    Received the software promptly. Had no problems installing it. Contacted the vendor with a question, and he was quick to respond.

  • Stella - OK, last year I did the 90 days of ...

    OK, last year I did the 90 days of this and had all kinds of new hair growing where before it was falling out. My brush had been filled with hair and then that stopped. I got all caught up in buying a house and decided to not worry about this until later. I started noticing my hair falling out again and my brush clogging with hair about two months after I stopped the Hair Essentials. So I'm back to it. It seems to work!