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First Aid Supplies & First Aid Equipment by HART Health - Exceptional first aid services and van-delivered first aid supplies manufactured to meet exacting specifications and packaged for maximum shelf life. We offer national brand quality without the national brand markup. Nationwide van services include Seattle, Portland and Denver.

Country:, Africa, EG

City: 32.6459 Luxor, Egypt

  • Marvin - You change Your Honey, You Don't Get My Money

    I have been consuming and sharing with others Wedderspoon Active 16+ for almost two years. Then Wedderspoon made changes that I find unacceptable. The first had to do with their label, which most people don't bother to read since the label color didn't change. Gone was organic certification by Ecosert SA. Gone was "Support the OMA mark which guarantees honey that is free from chemicals and pesticides." Missing are the following: Never feeding the bees sugar, area of forage is 5 km. from intensive farming, Ecosert approval. Added was the word "harmful" before chemicals and pesticides. Obviously, chemicals and pesticides are added and we are supposed to hope they are not harmful.

  • dcran - Easy to set up and use

    My wife and I are very pleased with this product. We have used it with our iPhone and our iPad2 and find both work well with a nod to the iPad2 for it's larger screen display.

  • A. Martin - Nope, Didn't Work for Me

    Did not work for my arthritic thumbs! The ingredients are not pain killers so it's no wonder. But what does seem to be working is ginger essential oil mixed with coconut oil and applied as a plaster using a large bandaid that wraps around my thumbs. Getting the ginger capsules on the way now. It has a better track record as an anti-inflammatory than this "beauty cream" that did nothing. Maybe it's good for easing pain in soft tissue or muscle, but not arthritis.

  • Emmyluu - love this cookbook!

    such a fun cookbook. The author did a great job adjusting traditional British foods to the American pallet and ingredients.

  • Konami Ai - How come I have spent my life without this!?

    Honestly, I was a bit skeptical of this product. Yet, something about it screamed, "$495.00 is NOTHING compared to the emptiness you'll feel inside if you don't purchase this book!" so I did. I hit "Buy" and I bought it... and boy, I can't tell you what a GODSEND this was! How is it that this has been around since 2009 and I've never heard of it!? My life? Complete.

  • MARCHE - It works

    It works great! It cleared my nose up as advertised. I would purchase this product again in the future. Thanks!