Catalpa Health - Appleton, WI - Family Therapist, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder - Catalpa Health was formed to address the mental health needs of kids in our community. The three major health systems in our area, Affinity Health System,

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  • Dave - Great improvement over older versions, not much change from 2011

    I've been using the service on and off for years so I've got a long, though not expert background in their software. The thing I used to hate about them was the interface of their software. Their databases were awesome, but the software left much to be desired. About five years or so ago they redesigned their software suite. At first the improved interface was beset with a lot of teething problems. I stayed away for a few years and finally came back last year and picked up the 2011 version. That was a HUDGE leap forward over what I was used too. Better interface, better web integration, better features.

  • RoyBoy1 - Exact OEM replacement thermostat

    I purchased this part to replace the original thermostat on my atwood R.V. water heater,It was very easy to replace and work on.I had to disconnect terminal connectors and just peel off the old unit,clean the suface,and stick on the replacement,reconnect the wire terminals and tested it out.It worked perfectly and without any problems.I would reccomend this product and the seller.

  • George - (A really fun toy for 5 years old up to about 20 ...

    I bought two of these for twin boys five years old. I spent two days trying to learn enough about this gift before giving it to the children in order to make sure that they could do at least a few functions when I gave them to them. In about five minutes they had mastered what little that I knew and a whole lot more. Within a half hour they totally 'owned' the items. (A really fun toy for 5 years old up to about 20 or wherever.)