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  • Too much Shh can lead to tumor formation. - A decrease in the Shh protein by 50 % predisposes humans craniofacial problems such as holoprosencephaly. Too much Shh can lead to tumor formation. Shh is the
  • The plasma blade family includes the plasma blade 4. - The plasma blade family includes the plasma blade 4, which is designed to be used in order to cut through all types of soft tissue, including skin, fat and
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  • Treatment with Rituxan was not formally evaluated. - Treatment with Rituxan was not formally evaluated, and the safety and efficacy of treatment with subsequent courses Rituxan has not been established. More data

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  • Carolyn Johnson - Words of expression are not enough....

    I have shopped Amazon for many years and bought many products, but this is my first product review and it has earned it. I have suffered with this "feminine situation" for so long I couldn't remember how it felt to not suffer from it. I would never wish anyone to suffer from the feeling of being uncomfortable, and embarrassed, let alone the kick to a persons self esteem and confidence.

  • Glenn Collins - Norton 360 ROCKS!

    Love this software and as always, Amazon came through with great service. Too bad they contribute to the DNC! I would use them more if they were more A political.

  • USTPC - Good Product, Could Be A Great Product

    I was Zone Alarm user until two years ago. Norton 360 was rated the best security product in Consumer Reports and it was cheaper than Zone Alarm at the time so I purchased it. I made the right decision. :-) This has a lot of good security features (anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall protection, ad blocker, parental control, etc.). It also has identity safe which I love. I create passwords that are complicated - numbers, lower and upper case letters, symbols, etc. Rather than have to keep a list which I then need to lockup or hide Identity Safe allows me to enter the website, user name, and password one time and then when I go to most websites it will automatically fill in user name and password. This means I only have to remember two passwords - One to log onto my computer and one to log into Identity Safe. I can also upload the passwords to the Norton Cloud Server which means if my computer dies I still have my passwords. The best part is that the system resources used are minimal (a big improvement over prior versions).

  • Gwendolyn Shearrow - Nice soap but itchy

    The soap smells great, leaves skin very soft but it has left both my husband and I very itchy all over our body. Not sure if others have had this reaction but for some reason we both had an issue and soap doesn't typically irritate our skin.

  • stoney-jock - Great software - BAD packaging

    Great learning software but does it really take a box measuring 195mm x 138mm x 50mm to hold a disc 126mm x 126mm x 2mm surrounded by nothing but air. We have plenty of fresh air in Scotland. This waste is then compounded by Amazon who send the item in a package 250mm long x 180mm wide x 87mm deep and charge postage of £8.05 ($13.20)

  • Lady Boss - TWD is my favorite show, but this was such as painful episode ...

    I am in total SHOCK. I almost yacked and damn near went unconscious. TWD is my favorite show, but this was such a painful episode to watch - and one that I could never be able to watch again. The sh** that went down was so unexpected and did not do justice to the characters that were involved. These characters were what I called "hitters", and although I anticipated one or two of the hitters to succumb to their deaths in this season, I did not expect it to happen in such a way. Brutally painful and unjust, to say the least.