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  • Robyn - It's me. I move it.

    I gotta fess up to the anonymity of the Internet. I move it. I moved it as a kid, and I would make it say things like that I'm going to die or that spirits are angry or that sort of thing. We'd close our eyes between letters and I would peek and move it. It's easy to see through your lashes.

  • J. Stephen - Should have a prominent warning

    I was happily paying the bills after working hard all day when I started to feel...weird. I finished my manly duties and then thought I'd go have a beer but ended up at the mall(!). I don't even remember going there, but I knew I had when I found a Cinnabon wrapper in my truck one morning. It turns out my wife had left one of Her pens laying around but I thought it was just a normal pen when I used it to sign checks. Now my friends are getting pissed at me for keeping them on the phone too long and I have to keep fighting the urge to try exotic cheeses. These pens should have a warning label or at least have a pleasant fragrance to warn men away. If I could I'd give it zero stars I would, though I'd probably just hate myself for being so mean.

  • Rorschach Failed - It does not work! Wast of money!

    I have seven dogs 70lb to 120lb . We live in a high Tick and Flea area. All dogs got a Seresto collar in March. Right away I found some Ticks on them - but I wanted to give the collar some time to work and waited... By june I found more and more fat Ticks on them - alive and happy! By July all had Fleas! Going back to Spot ons. Never had a flea problem before.....

  • Ruby Barker - reviews never mentioned any negative side affects. my sister ...

    reviews never mentioned any negative side affects. my sister and I had a lot of digestive issues with this product.

  • Lisa - Good Mouse But Some Connection Issues

    The mouse is good so far. Worked right out of the box, just plugged it in and my computer recognized it within a minute. I like the recharging capability so I don't have to worry about batteries. I like that it's much flatter than my old one, feels better on my hand when I'm working all day. It's responsive and very quiet. The blue light on the logo is nice. The only complaint I have is that the material on the outside, while soft and feels nice, seems to pick up dirt and oil very easily so after just hours of use, you can see fingerprint smudges. I don't think it will stay nice looking for very long. UPDATE: Some connection issues when the mouse goes to sleep because it's been sitting for a long time, it doesn't connect again. I have to turn it off and turn it back on and sometimes even unplug the USB and plug it back in to get it to work again. Doesn't happen too often that it goes to sleep but it's annoying when it does so I'm taking a star away from my original rating.