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  • Jojo's Momma - Size up!

    I bought this for my 4 year old. The costume itself is cute - kinda cheaply made but what do you do when your kid wants the costume? Anyway, I had to return it because the toddler size was too small for him. It was a hot seller for halloween, so I had to buy it retail for $32. If you can snag it on Amazon, do it! But size up!

  • pharris - Keep it simple and it work

    I am not sure of my hair type but I am African American with kinky hair. I follow the curly girl method and I love this product and it's my main styler for my wash and go. I just want to mention a few things technique is extremely important period you can buy any product out there on the shelf but if you don't know how to style your hair it's pointless so learn how to do your hair and stop blaming the product also this product is great but it's not a miracle worker and if your hair is not already moisturizer then that's a problem. Three times a week I apply a Shea moisture deep conditioner to my DRY hair baggy it and sleep over night despite what some say you can never over condition kinky hair it begs for moisture. In the morning I detangle in the shower RINSE VERY WELL and apply a lot of the knot today RAKING it through with my fingers until it's soft then I SMOOTH a little of the custard to define and hold my curls make note lots of conditioner little gel only soft healthy conditioned hair will curl. I do all of this in the shower I then shake excess water and let air dry or diffuse. Simple as that the reason why some people get white balls and flakes is that they mix the product and this can happen with any gel Eco etc just keep it simple and use both the knot today and custard and you will be fine and remembered lots of conditioner little gel your hair will turn out fine and you won't waste the product.

  • falala2012 - Works but caused too much gas for baby

    A little pricey but well worth as it definitely works. It increased my milk supply by about 6 or more oz per day and I didn't smell like fenugreek! Unfortunately if gave my baby terrible gas pains and caused spotting for me so I had to stop taking it. Still worth a try if you want to increase your supply...just watch for changes in baby's fussiness.

  • L. Heaton - could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about ...

    Very decent, makes you think, especially about the control over who lives and who dies. With our corrupt government, could be pretty scary. So one shouldn't think too hard about it. It's entertaining and thought provoking.

  • chernise taylor - You the SHIT Nicole OMG this book was

    Ms.Jackson Ms.Jackson you done it AGAIN . The wait was definitely worth it. Each book gets better and better. Key & Wale definitely raised the bar as my fav couple for the new generation. I'm soooo ready for the group discussion cuz I love me some CORINTHIAN lol. This book was straight EVERYTHING & then some, no other way to describe it. Keep the good s*** coming I'll be patiently waiting. Much love and much success from one Texas gal to the next I salute you.