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  • Kirsten - A Must-Have!

    I've had this product for almost two years now. I was compelled to write a review after taking it out of the washing machine for the 100th time. It looks brand new... even after a kid has been eating in it almost everyday for 2 years. This is easily the best baby product I've purchased. It travels great and cleans up well... even looks good. Can't recommend this product enough.

  • Breanna Weaver - They DO work, but they made me really dizzy while working out.

    I've used this product off and on for about 3 months and I've lost 21 pounds, BUT I exercised with them; I would hike for about two miles and run for one mile. I only took them on the days I was going to workout, and they done their job! I also never got hungry; the only downside to these pills is that while I was working out I would become extremely dizzy,so I would have to stop running or slow down just to regain my composure. BUT they did work, I'm going to try out the Blue bottle because I've heard they don't have as harsh side effects. Ohh, and I also quit drinking pop, so I'm sure that contributed to my weight-loss, as well. I do recommend them though, just make sure you have a snack with them; never take them on an empty stomach!

  • Angela B - It is a good starter book for sure

    It is a good starter book for sure. It didn't have as many spells as I thought it would but it is written well and very clear. For the price it is worth the buy.

  • The Traveler - An enjoyable read,

    In this book a woman who at one point in her past had contact with a deceased serial killer becomes terrified when it becomes apparent someone is seeking revenge for the death of the killer. She is assisted by another man who at one point had dated one of the previous victims. Romantic suspense, well written dialogue.

  • Professor - The cable does its job, as advertised, and ...

    The cable does its job, as advertised, and I've seen these evolve from shoddy (poorly terminated, flakey 'gold', etc) to a more acceptable spec over the years. The junction between female connector and HDMI male on this Basic cable is typical on these cables, as it is with many manufacturers. These earn a 3 star, but I'd probably explore other options from Wireworld or Audioquest.

  • Lsailor1 - Mobil 1 Gear Lube

    Here's how to change it in a 2012 Dodge Challenger 3.6 liter. "How to change the differential fluid in a 2012 Dodge Challenger 3.6 liter."