Campus Virtual - Bienvenidos al Campus Virtual Univalle La Universidad del Valle pone a disposición de sus docentes y estudiantes esta valiosa herramienta denominada Campus Virtual Univalle bajo la plataforma Moodle. Con esta herramienta se facilitarán los procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje en las asignaturas que ofrece la institución, en sus distintas modalidades educativas, tanto para los Programas de Pregrado y Posgrado. La Universidad les presenta un cálido saludo y los invita a conocer y a familiarizarse con esta potente herramienta.

Country:, South America, CO

City: -75.6961 Departamento de Risaralda, Colombia

  • C.Nikole - Definition out of this world!

    This product works great if you use it right. I used it years ago and it was amazing, but pricey so I stopped. Here I am now revisiting because, well it works! I really wanted somethin cheaper to work better, but it just doesn't. I'm an African-American natural with 4a/4b hair, but I see this working for everyone really. It works best for me on wet hair after washing. I apply in this order (water, oil, kinky curly), then air dry. I don't have to reapply much or any throughout the week. I just spritz with my (conditioner, oil, water) bottle and it revives my curls.

  • Heather L. Swartz - It actually works.

    I was pretty skeptical even after the hilarious commercial. I have two roommates and sometimes the bathroom can get busy but when we used this you can't smell anything. It's not like other stuff that you spray around and it just layers over other smells. It actually eliminates them before they happen.

  • Jacques - but i have to say that i really love this oil

    I get this through doterra because i am an advocate, but i have to say that i really love this oil. i put it straight into water and it is super refreshing and has really helped me from being hangry if i have to wait in between meals. i also find that i am eating a little less and if i drink it throughout the day i find that i also have a little more energy. I add 7 drops to a huge glass of water and then maybe 3 or 4 drops if i refill it during the day. the taste is strong but pleasant and very refreshing. I recommend giving it a chance a few times. if you dont like it you can add 6 or 7 drops to a veggie capsule and fill the rest of it with fractionated coconut oil. :)

  • Diane D. Villela - Party for 2 or more

    I played this once before and now i own one freaky part is some of the questions my friend and i asked came true. recommended for 2 or more players have fun think before you ask.

  • Stephanie Cummons - NO Boo's for this Halloween Treat!

    Halloween Haunts or Tricks and Treats, I absolutely love a holiday story! Halloween Treats is a cute story with hot scenes that gives us a little bit of everything we love from AR books. Jack is a total alpha, not even bossing but completely mapping out his relationship with Raven. She's a great heroine whose heart and self confidence are released faster than her Harley Quinn costume after a school party! With it being such a short story it's a fun read to knock out in a few hours. The added bonus are the books bundled into the packet for a great .99 price! If you're a new AR reader it introduces you to some of their work or if you're already a fan it gives you a chance to reread some of your favorites!

  • justin - Harambe would not approve

    This thing is kindof a piece of s***. It's seriously so cheap for them to make this product, i thought itd be better to spend a bit more. First off it makes the saddest s*** noise when you turn it off. Secondly they try to make it seem like its a benefit to have non customizable teeth trays, but really its just laziness on their part. Seriously who though that's going to be better?? Lastly i just ysed it for the second time and the lights started to flicker and eventually went out. I had to hold the power button to finish the 30 min session.