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  • Jack M Blomquist - Raspberry Pi - RetroPie

    Works great with my Retro Arcade Raspberry Pi project. Was very easy to configure in LXDE without having to load any drivers. After a reboot and loading EmulationStation I was able to easily SFTP in to the system using WinSCP.

  • Guardsix - Want the Best? Buy This Case!

    This is an excellent iPad Pro (12.9") case. I am very glad I bought this one. There are tons of choices by now, but you won't go wrong with this IVAPO case. The pencil holder is absolutely perfect. The back and front of the case feel like a rubbery leather. The case won't move unless you want it to move. The edges, including the Pencil holder, are a very nice feeling rubber that securely holds your Pencil. The inside of the cover is very smooth and soft. It certainly won't harm your iPad screen. The cover lays extremely flush with the iPad. You do have to use a fingernail to pull up the case which isn't that difficult to do. The sleep on close magnets work perfectly. Folding the iPad case to have it stand horizontally in a reading or usable position is very easy to do although the cover is a little stiff at first. I would not hesitate to buy this again.

  • Karen Pearson - Awesome product!

    I love this product. The looks is sleek and I use this as ductless so I did not have to cut holes in the ceiling. The noise in high mode is loud but the overall functionality makes up for that.

  • James Amond - I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good.. maybe they are all bad

    this board didn't help me contact anyone from the dead...I don't know maybe I didn't use it right..or maybe it's lack of faith in the board..but I bought it for my girlfriend at the time I was with her..she owns the board now...I am not to eager to buy the board again cause I believe the board does not have any powers of contacting the dead...I wish it would other wise I would buy 1 for myself...there is so many different versions of Ouija boards...I wouldn't know which 1 of them are any good ..maybe they are all bad...but I sure paid a lot of money for this..

  • S. Shallcross - Terrible

    Terrible set up process - I would describe the set up process as the exact opposite of plug-and-play.