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  • Amazon Customer - Love love love

    My son has been on this formula since he was 2 months old(he's now almost 8) we will use this until he's a year-old. No complaints. He has a milk protein allergy(blood in stool was give away) tried soy still had blood so we switched to this. Within a week no more blood. My son loves this and it has helped him tremendously! Also see comments of black specs the black specks come from when they seal the can with the silver top it may scorch some of the formula causing little black specs. It won't hurt your baby or make them sick(i've seen them dissolve in his formula quickly. So don't let than people scare you with the ubsurd reviews.

  • Rosemarie Handy - With that being said i would look else where and or make sure the return policy is good so when your not happy you can return th

    If you want a large amp that has the power to push a boss 6.5 pick this amp. I installed this amp on an alpine type r 12 at 1ohm "1200rms" bs and it had no bass so i turned it wide open and still very weak. So i stopped by a local shop and bought the 800w rms pioneer at 1ohm and it walked this amp all day long. With that being said i would look else where and or make sure the return policy is good so when your not happy you can return the amp. This is a sad day for hifonics.

  • Georgette McKenzie - Great when it worked

    This is my 2nd one. First one bought 2 October 2015 and it lasted 6 months. I cannot figure out how to return it. Far too difficult return policy. When it was working, it was wonderful. That is why l am ordering another one.

  • GoodNoodle - HONESTY

    The only unique ingredient in here is Oleandar which irritates some peoples skin just enough to plump it up a bit and mask wrinkles temporarily. It's not a miracle cream, not approved by the FDA, and long term effects are unknown. All the other ingredients are common in all beauty products. The "proprietary blend" is just aloe vera and Oleandar. I found that it actually dried out my skin and didn't deliver promised results at all. The results I am seeing from friends that are using it are being told by their reps what a huge difference it's making when it's literally nothing. If you don't see results in that first 30 days you have to "keep using it, give it a chance, it will work!!" The VAST majority of people will be able to achieve similar results with a good over the counter cream at a fraction of the price...especially those who do not regularly use a face cream right now. Most people who have "amazing" results are the same people trying to sell it to you and to sign you up under them, and the before/afters are either literally unbelievable or obviously done under different lighting at slightly different angles. I have no doubt that a small, SMALLLL percentage of people have some result they are pleased with enough to keep purchasing. What turned me off to this product isn't even the product itself, which is lackluster and disappointing at best. It's the cultish mindset of their sales reps. I'm sure to get a few comments here about how I'm wrong, and don't know what I'm talking about, and then they'll link you to neriums website to "find out for yourself" using their personal link to amass more sales and hopefully talking you into joining them. They whip/brainwash these people up into a frenzy. What do all the failed Nerium reps and people bamboozled into buying it do when they're left with all this worthless product? They hawk it on Amazon at a discounted rate! Sure, they'll say it's counterfeit since the company prohibits amazon and ebay sales, but even if so...the counterfeit is probably at least as effective as Nerium so who cares! No, you don't get a 30 day guarantee when you buy it here, but at least you're not being harassed by fanatical tin foil hat and soon to be former friends, put on autoship, or **automatically given a sales page** to start your own "business" when you buy on Amazon!