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  • Postnet - Mini Printer for Mini Businesses

    If you need very few receipts and plan on using only a minute amount of tape, this is for you. If, however, you have a business that does more than one or two sales a day, this is not the receipt printer for you.

  • Lila - White space nightmare

    I use Publisher 2010 at work and really like it. It actually is a pretty intuitive program. I was hoping the new version would have some great updates. Little did I know that the blinding white workspace would deter me from wanting to find out what the program can do. You cannot customize the color/theme beyond some minor changes although I understand the other 2013 Office programs, such as Word and Excel, do allow two color changes. This appears to be a choice in Publisher but actually doesn't work. I would not have purchased the new version if I had seen the workspace. It may seem like a minor, cosmetic annoyance but it is really a nightmare. Whoever approved this design is an idiot.

  • Chookster - Great Guide For Movie Fan

    I love this guide. The last one I bought was the 2010 edition so it was time for an update. One of the things that makes this guide unique is all the cross references in the back so you can look up each actor, director, writer etc. and view a list of all their films in chronological order. There are also a ton of cross references by genre and sub-genre as well as a complete rundown of award winners (Academy, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild etc.).

  • Anon - GREAT TV for the price. Probably the best buy for a 4K TV right now

    Well the smart remote is smarter than us, it took us a few days to figure it out! But now that we have the hang of it it's nice. The TV itself is great, good picture, good 4K upgrading quality, handy and easy to use menus for Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and direct streaming from a computer over WiFi. Sound quality is pretty good, but fluctuates widely depending on the channel/movie - it doesn't bother me, but husband wants to get external speakers, so knocked off a star for that. Very easy to hook up the cable box and other peripherals. Seems to have a good viewing angle width and height (we don't have our TV stand yet so the TV is on the floor, and it still looks good from the angle of the couch). A couple times the colors have seemed not quite accurate (reds in particular start to look orangey), but that may depend on the quality of the show/video. There have only been a couple occasions where the smart remote couldn't handle the Fios menu and we had to break out the Fios remote, but mostly the TV remote can control everything on the cable without issues. Delivery guy brought it to the door and hooked it up, right on time.

  • TazMan - Works great - need to find a place though to store it when not in use

    Fits like intended. Works well but I do wish they did some other color on the back than the bland white. Once you roll it up you realize how big it really is. When not in use it takes up a lot of room in the car. In a hot climate it is definitely a must so I'll deal with it. This will be an issue of most of these big sun shades. After buying one you'll realize how big the windshield is on the C-max.

  • ofir z. - Great company great product

    A friend recommended me this product and I was skeptical in the beginning but after trying it consistently for 3 weeks I saw that it in fact DOES really work! It makes me not hungry and helps me stay on my diet. I take it with my coffee in the morning and I eat less through out the whole day. It gives me amazing energy and actually makes me more productive at work. I have taken other diet pills in the past and it always gave me a weird jittery feeling. These really make me feel great, giving me just the right amount of energy. 3 weeks in, I have already lost 8 lbs with no negative side effects. I feel healthy so far, I will continue and hopefully the results will keep coming.