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  • Nikki A - Still love this treadmill!

    I know it says that this model is discontinued however it was 5 yrs ago when I order my Sole F80 and by far it is still the best piece of workout equipment I have ever invested in. It is sturdy. The tread is flex and the length of the belt is plenty long for me at 5'6" to have a nice stride that's not compromised. I highly recommend Sole for any of their equipment- high quality at an affordable price for your home gym. In 5 yrs the only problem that I've had is the fact that the stickers on the machine tend to curl up from being in my garage gym. Great treadmill- it's one of the first things I show people that come visit me for the first time. Thanks Sole!

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    We'll written,very knowledgeable and easy to understand. It's thickness should not put off anyone went you think of what it saves you! A must have for us when everyone is after your money.

  • CPoint - Great backup software

    Been using Acronis long time. Easy to use, very reliable. Backup all my PC's with Acronis. They saved me numerous times from catastrophe.

  • Paul H. - Good product for preventative maintenance

    I used STP and Lucas products in the past but recently switched to Sea Foam when my father-in-law told me that the motor pool in the university that he used to work at uses Seafoam in all 150 of their vehicles. He said it seemed to really help those vehicles and he uses it in his vehicle as well. I found it for $7.99 on Amazon and it was $11.99 at the local auto parts store (Advance).