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  • Boomer - My First Real Bike

    I purchased this bike because my 8 year old grandson received a new bike for his birthday and wanted me to have a bike so we could ride when he comes to visit. After a great deal of research, I settled on this bike and have not been disappointed. Because it required a number of tools I do not own, I decided to take it to a Diamondback dealer to have it installed. Cost a bit of money, but .I did not feel I could have successfully assembled it. The bike works great. At age 70, this is my first real bike and I really enjoy it. The seat could be a bit more comfortable, but I saw that on many reviews of other bikes. Overall, I am very pleased and am awaiting warm weather so I can ride it more.

  • weekly - baby like it

    Just started using it, I hope it was good. For this brand I still very much believe it. But after all, no one hundred percent things, so good luck.

  • Amazon Customer - Ok, but not great

    Some of the stories were interesting. All were unusual which evidently was a criteria. To my surprise I liked the one about running with the Bulls of Pamplona. I thought the one about going to dentists in France was strange.

  • T. Stewart - Just not what it could be

    I really thought they would have all the quirks ironed out after so many versions of this game and gun hardware. The gun doesn't calibrate perfectly, you can get used to using it without aiming if that makes any sense. The sound on the game sounds like blown out speakers, nothing I tried to fix this had any effect. The red tint inside the "scope" is an absolute inhibition to using it. It might work better if I broke it out of there. All in all, the arcade mode is really the only way I can even see using the game with my 3 young kids. All in all it fell short big time.

  • Holly - A little skimpy

    My son loves wildlife and we spend lots of time in our illustrated encyclopedias on the topic like "Animal Life" and "One Million things. This magazine is fun to get in the mail but they dont get looked at. Perhaps it is best for kids that can read on their own.

  • mavirek - Perfect But the Battery

    Since Nov I have had this vacuum. It is light, versatile, effective. Seriously I would recommend this vacuum to everyone. BUT the battery. First, it comes with a battery charger with a glowing blue indicator light instead of simple power gauge like on the vacuum itself. So when using the vacuum you can see how much charge you have left. When you are charging, you have to remember what strobing, blinking and steady mean. Second, you cannot leave the battery in the charger past a full charge. So no overnight charging. (It takes only 3 hours to charge.) Some people on these boards have said that you shouldn't even leave it in the vacuum when not in use. (The instructions don't state that.) Third and last, as some people experienced, the battery will just go haywire. My charger started blinking and not charging, apparently. I followed the troubleshooting, went online here to read everyone's helpful advice and now I'm waiting to call for warranty service tomorrow (while watching some generous ball placement by the refs in the Steelers-Jets game). If this experience goes well, I will be back here to change my rating to 4.0 (minus a star for having to go through all this, in the first place). If the experience exacerbates the problem, I will be back to tell you that too. I have appreciated other people posting so I can make an informed consumer choice, and I intend to return the favor.

  • Hyperjump - Fun oldie

    Good tunes for any era. As a trip down memory it lane works well to re-visit those moments of yesteryear.