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  • woodi48 - A complimenting pair for me.

    I get one of these along with the 'Astronomical Calendar' from my wife as a Christmas staple every year. Would be badly disappointed if I didn't, and I'm 67years old! I play a little game with my self with this calendar. As first and last moon quarters are fairly obvious, as are the gibbous views, I always look for the exact full moon time for my EST location. Catching the "first and last slivers" of the new waxing moon, and fading old moon, respectively, is part of it also. Just something to do for an old guy, I guess. The "Astronomical Calendar' is usually over 70 pages of text, diagrams, sky maps, and monthly celestial event information. Love 'em both.

  • Jumping4Joy - Perfect addition to BOB stroller!

    Works great with Chicco Keyfit 30. Love my BOB stroller but also wanted the flexibility of leaving my sleeping newborn in his car seat. This adapter allowed me to enjoy both. Super easy to use and the car seat sits in securely.

  • Mary L. Barrow - Fit my massive windshield perfectly

    I just purchased this car and not much was available for it. So, I came to Amazon and found this wonderful sunshield. We live in an area where the summers are very hot (it was 115 today) so one of these sunshields is necessary to help keep the interior cooler. My new car has a massive windshield so I knew one of the generic store bought sheilds would not be of much help. The fit is great, although it does bow a little in the middle but that is because the windshield is so big. It rolls up easily and stores behind my driver's seat. I would recommend this sheild to anyone who wants to keep your car a little cooler and protect their dash from the sun.

  • ScooterPK - 6 hours and spa leak stopped

    2 years ago I found an excellent 8 man hot tub on Craigslist for 'free' (insert sarcasm). After $1000 worth of repairs (new motors, plumbing and a cover) it was functional. The tub retails for around 7k so I figured my labor had paid off. A slight leak has been plaguing it ever since I got it running. I searched all kinds of remedies and found this product a few months ago. I figured it was worth a shot. My tub hold around 500 gallons. I first removed the filters which I was leery about and ran the tub. I added 12 oz of the fix a leak to the tub through the skimmer. I then went out every hour or so and kicked on the blowers and motors to keep the fix a leak suspended in the water. within 6 hours the wet areas on the cement pad had started to dry up and the wet spots in the yard where it ran off had also stopped holding a puddle. Today, the sun came out and was warm and the leak has stopped or has significantly been plugged. I will wait to see how it holds but early indications are that this stuff works. I have installed the filters back into the system and am filtering out the remaining fix a leak. I'll drain it, scrub down the tub and fill it up just in time for the fall and winter season. Highly recommended. I'll follow up in a few weeks to see if this holds.

  • Crystal White - Gotta have it

    It is a great book! I love studying from it! If has great tips for taking the ACT! Absolutely love it!

  • Myron Rigsby - Rip off

    Supposed to be a game for a PC, but playing requires knowing numerous key strokes that are not explained or laid out. Tried first tutorial. Had to keep trying random key strokes trying to make program advance; no logic to how keystrokes worked. Gave up in utter frustration. Cannot return; cannot play. Rip off.

  • C. Hurlburt - Great Protein for Weight Lifting

    When it comes to a no non-sense protein powder, one that has extras such as glutamine and BCAA's, and at the same time has a minimal amount of fat and carbs...this is the protein to get. This isn't a meal replacement or should be used as one, if that's what your looking for try muscle milk which is high in protein but also other calories as well.