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  • latoyia - great!!!

    I have been drinking the detox tea twice a day combined with a gallon of water and I love the results. I had a stubborn lower stomach Pudge that has completely disappeared. I feel much better as whole as well.

  • S Dougie Goodman - Logically links how lower insulin results in health gains and pounds lost

    Insulin - needed in small amounts. But when this one little hormone gets out of control, it can wreak complete havoc in our bodies. This book simply explains how this happens, what it does, and how fasting can reverse SO much damage we're doing to ourselves by leading a SAD (standard American diet) existence. The food industry has convinced us that it's "healthy" to eat all day long. All that does is make them wealthy and makes us sick. Fabulous job by Dr. Fung and Mr. Moore. I will reread and refer to this book often.

  • Brenda Watts - Great product!

    I just love it is the only think I can say. It is very versatile and easy for someone just starting!

  • Irene - Bend

    These are very nicely constructed balloon whisks when I got them. There is 3 total, a 8", 10" & 12" Constructed of stainless steel you won't have to worry about rust or corrosion. I use whisks daily for breakfast and then every other day for desserts. I make scrambled eggs & gravy almost daily as it is apart of our favorite breakfast. And when it comes to scrambled eggs a good whisk makes a world of difference.

  • Charlene D. Wharton - Great look for the price

    My son had me order this for him. I watched him put it on. The instructions were easy to follow and it did not take more than 15 minutes in all.

  • Kathlyn Storey - So expensive but so good

    These products are flat out wonderful. The shampoo will clean, rinse thoroughly, and the smell is fresh (not lingering) but not overpowering. I have never liked strong fragrances, especially since they normally bother my allergies. This was a pleasant surprise. Secondly, I have very thin, limp hair. The conditioner left my hair feeling great and not coated as so many products can. Fortunately, my hair is very short, so I don't have to use very much of the product at each use. I hesitated about trying the Shine because my hair can get oily. As with the other products, less is more, so I just used a very little amount (half a pea), and what a treat. I like the feel, and it does not make my hair oily.