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  • Bob Rhodes - Using Hide Glue to make detachable picture frames.

    I had an application where I needed a glue that could be used to apply a painted masonite art piece to a wooden box frame, another words I wanted a cradled frame, but I wanted to be able to detach the picture so that the frame could be reused. The hIde glue did that on sample pieces I've tried so far. A narrow bond applied on the inner flat surface of the frame adheres the picture, Heated air, applied by a hair drier to the back of the cradled frame loosens the masonite board so it can be pried off. Since the art was acrylic, the heat to the back of the frame did not damage the picture surface, which was on the other side, away from the heat.

  • Amazon Customer - Try it!

    I started off just taking one tablet in the morning and one in the afternoon for the first couple of days to get my body used to taking it. Then I increased it to two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Drinking plenty of water is essential. I have noticed a decrease in appetite and an increase in energy. I have not had a decrease in weight but have had a decrease in inches. With added exercise I know that I will reach my goals for weight loss.

  • Manolo - primitive jungle steel

    Ok, this is a tool to be used. No fancy stuff here, not for showcases, this cutting tool is made for the wild, jungle, woods, desert, mountain, farm and maybe, just maybe, the battlefield.

  • Amazon-mom - Premama Works!

    I give this product 5 stars! It's a miracle product. Me and my husband been trying to conceive for almost 1 year while tracking my ovulation. The beginning of August I purchased this product and began to take it 6 days before ovulation, once a day. I had one side effect from taking this product, which were headaches , but I still wanted to stick with the product for at least two months. Today I tested positive for pregnancy, on not one but two different test just to be sure. I'm so excited! Thanks Premama!

  • mawiley - Get some Scotch Silicon Spray instead

    The first step goes on pretty easy. The second step is a white mess. The second step spray can constantly stopped up and sputtered and spit and didn't go on smoothly at all. Also, it is a milky white, so putting it on something with dark color is not very good. If I knew when I was looking for a product how bad this was (and expensive - $17) I would have just gotten some Scotch silicon spray instead.

  • G. Ryan - Best hiking pole with anti-shock absorbency! You will love it for hiking!

    I am extremely happy with my hiking pole. The quality of the aluminum is exceptional and the rubber hand grip fits my hand well. I love the anti-shock absorbency to this hiking pole. I have never had a pole with it and it makes such a difference when hiking.It has the standard removable cap at the tip but the cap is a nice size rubber tip and there is the plastic piece you can attach and use when not using the rubber tip. Another great item to this pole's feature is the compass in the handle. I love it! Adjusting the pole and locking it into the right length for me was easy and I am impressed with the sturdiness of the pole. I also like that Nonpareil gives 1% of their annual sales to environmental and social organizations. I received my hiking pole to use for free and to provide a review. This is the best hiking pole I have ever used and I like the stability and support I received when using hiking up and down hills and on uneven natural trails.