Revolution | Buy Revolution for Dogs & Cats Online $26.95 / 3pk - Discount Revolution (Stronghold) for Cats and Dogs Online from $26.95 & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide.

  • Buy Revolution for Dogs & Cats Online $26.95 / 3pk - Buy Discount Revolution (Stronghold) for Dogs and Cats Online from $26.95 / 3pk & Discount Pet Meds. Flat shipping $3.99/order worldwide

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  • Laurel jones - LOVE IT

    I have been natural for about 6 months with 4b/c hair. THERES ALOT OF IT! But when I started school I noticed that my edges started thinning because of life's stresses... SADNESS!!! But after going to the doctor and using vitamin E I began to see growth. With more hair I needed a thicker balm that was still giving me the growing power. I have tried alot, and even thought about not using a balm because that's what most naturals say to do, but my hair LOVES a goooood balm. It makes my scalp tingle and my hair is better than ever!

  • Dawny M. - Works great!

    Surprised to find it works very well here in the tropics in St. Martin. Repellent lotions seem to provide more complete coverage than sprays.

  • Running Shorts - I'll be honest...

    I would never tell any of my friends that I use I'd probably be drinking alone for a really really long time. The does work. I only use this to shave my pubic hair for more the porn star look. It works great for that. It doesn't really burn me and I'm hairless down there. The only thing...I wish the results lasted a bit lasts about as long as shaving does....but the positive is I am completely hairless down there including wrinkly areas I wouldn't dare bring a razor to.

  • Jessy S. - but we have taken it out of the box and I have to say that this car seat is beautiful! The colors are so vibrant

    Update: THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT TO USE CAR SEAT EVER!!! It's so cute and has a great design but man is it NOT user friendly. Tightening the straps is ridiculously difficult and buckling my daughter in is beyond frustrating. We bought a Graco 4-Ever instead and it is amazing!

  • lori albright - Very good

    I have tried some of the cheap 10 or 15 dollar cleanses and they don’t compare to ultracleanse. Excellent detox product

  • Emily Dickinson - Soothing Relief Provided by Bio-Oil

    I bought this product to use to minimize the redness left from heart surgery chest scars. It's very soothing and relieves the mild pain and itching I've had with these scars. The scars will never disappear, but they are becoming (after about 4 months) less red and not as thick. I'm more concerned with how the scars feel than with how they look, and I haven't been disappointed in the results of using this effective and relief-providing product.

  • vagabond007 - Soothing scent

    I usually enjoy calming scents such as lavender and I do have acne/blemish prone skin. I thought this would be a great idea to try this out. Unfortunately this pillowcase made me break out! I woke up with 3 new pimples that were not there the night before. I'm guessing my skin was too sensitive for the oils in this pillowcase? The scent is nice, but not really worth the price in my opinion. I ended up returning it.